Consistently Inconsistent

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May 07

When I was a single parent, my parents would come to Southern California to visit me and my kids.

We lived in a small house, so my parents chose to stay at a Marriott Courtyard. It was JUST DOWN THE STREET. It always was a blessing to spend time with my parents. A breath of fresh air. They let me bend their ear with my struggles. They heard me. That was powerful. For us it was a SPECIAL TREAT to be at the Marriott. I had limited resources, so I got to escape the routine and constant pressures of life. We looked forward to breakfast there. We could choose anything from the breakfast buffet that we wanted. The kids never complained. We got to SERVE OURSELVES, and could always ask for more.

It was OUT OF THE ORDINARY for us to have access to a pool, so we got in lots of swimming…nothing stopped us. The kids loved to dive into the deep end, while I loved to soak my weary bones in the Jacuzzi. Throughout the world Marriott Courtyards look the same. The same FLOOR PLAN, same DESIGN, same INTERIOR, same AMENITIES. Marriott discovered that travelers like CONSISTENCY. No detail is missed. Basically their goal is to make travelers feel like they are at home.

Sometimes the Church is like the single parent, constantly under pressure and trapped by routine. They operate with limited resources.

Sometimes people in the church place God in a such a SMALL house; and believe He is unable to accommodate their needs. So they send Him away. To a different place. Just down the street.

Sometimes people in the Church visit on Sundays. They come starving to the breakfast buffet of Gods grace, and they pick, they choose and complain. Monday through Saturday they NEVER SERVE THEMSELVES.

Oh God, forgive us for showing the World that we the CHURCH are Consistently Inconsistent and help us to make travelers that visit our Church to feel at home.

Because our DESIGN is Majestic like You.
Because our FLOOR PLANS are Purposeful for Your Glory
Because our INTERIOR is being Perfected in Your Courtyard of Grace

We have access to His swimming pool of mercy. Let’s learn how to dive in deep.
We can soak our weary bones in His Jacuzzi of transformation.
We can bend His ear with our struggles. He hears us. And That’s powerful.

Throughout the world, we the Church should look the same.
A blessing. A breath of fresh air. Powerful. Unstoppable.
With Amazing AMENITIES to do His works.

Once again thank you for your prayers for Craig and the campaign. The South Bay votes in less then 30 days and as the campaign intensifies we need our prayers to intensify. I would like to personally invite you to our Head Quarters every Monday morning and Tuesday evening to pray. We know the battle is not against flesh and blood but we do know we are in a battle. You’re prayers and needed now more than ever.

I would be an honor to meet and pray with you.

Monday – 8:30am to 9:30am
Tuesday – 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Address3535 Torrance Blvd. Suite 11 in Torrance


Shelly Huey

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