Concrete Bricks

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Jul 06

Along the front right edge at the turn of our driveway is a flowerbed.

It is outlined with a short, concrete wall of clay bricks.
During the cold snowy winters, the flowerbed is just bare dirt. In the spring, the dormant bulbs start to sprout with the warm sun and gentle rains. And now in the summer, it’s vibrant with color. Every year it takes us by surprise, because we forgot we planted bulbs deep in the soil.

Occasionally someone will drive into our driveway just a little too fast. They don’t negotiate the right turn into the driveway. And their car will nudge just the edge of that brick wall. The last brick in the wall seems to always be loose, because it’s always getting torn off. This weekend the brick was gone. I looked all over the front yard and finally found it. Someone placed it behind a light fixture, where it could be safe and discovered.

I decided to hunt in the dark garage for some mortar. A small, weathered bag was crumpled up in the corner. I glanced at the instructions and mixed it with water. The mix was probably not the best consistency, but I was determined to stick that brick back on the wall. I just had to get down on my hands and knees, making sure that the cracks and crevices I couldn’t see were filled. The best part was this mortar was the quick drying type. I didn’t have to wait around to see if it worked.
Simple repair.

Forgive us Father that We the Church continue to allow satanic thoughts to drive a little too fast, into the driveways of our hearts, and tear off bricks of Your promises and truth.

Forgive us Father that We the Church know we are made of clay and when we slip out of Your hands, our tendency is to form concrete brick walls of judgment.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church feel like our religious freedoms are the last brick in the wall in the USA, it always seems to be loose, because it occasionally gets hit.

Maybe we forgot that Jesus is Our Cornerstone. His mortar is fast dying and will NEVER move. No panic, No terror, No bill, No legislation, No act, No amendment, No proposition, No Congressman, No Senator and No President can EVER take that stone AWAY. (Isaiah 28:16)

Maybe We forgot that the Holy Spirit by His love, mercy and grace hunted for Us when We were a small, weathered bag of hopelessness, crumpled up in the corner of a dark garage. (Jeremiah 31:3)

Maybe We forgot that Our Father planted His bulbs of Joy and Peace deep in the crevice-laden soil of Our hearts. And He likes to rain down revival on the cold, wintery souls of His bare dirt Saints.  (Romans 15:13)

Let revival start with You and Me
We just have to get down on our hands and knees to ask Him to let Us see where the cracks and crevices in Our lives have allowed sin to creep in.
And Turn from it.
Ask Him to fill those cracks and crevices with His mortar of LOVE.
That mortar of LOVE is patient and kind with Us. (1 Corinthians 13:4)

And We will be along the Front Right Edge of the driveway to Revival in this Nation.

You don’t have to wait around to see if it works. It always does. It’s a Simple Repair.

Through Us, Jesus WILL take this Nation by surprise!!!

Christian families that have prodigals. The fastest growing group in this nation are the “Nones”. These are people that identify as having “No religious affiliation”. The majority are 18-35 and grew up in the Church. Some of our own kids are in that category. It is a painful journey to watch. But We pray and expect miracles, and for the Holy Spirit to draw them back to Him. We know that We are not alone.

Together 2016 is a rally being held at the National Mall in Washington DC on July 16.
As of today over 315K are registered, they are anticipating 1 million Jesus followers to unite together in prayer and praise. Hillsong United, Lacrae, Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias are among the many speakers and worship teams who will be there.
Pray for supernatural breakthrough of Revival and Salvation to take place in DC. Jesus is our Nations only Hope.

Election Forums. As you are aware, the political climate in this country is terrifying. Election Forums help empower people to vote their biblical values. There is a lot on the ballot for November. We are currently booking churches for late August- October.
If your church is interested in hosting a Election Forum, please visit our website Electionforum.orgThen Call (310) 212-5727 and ask for Arthur

Ark of Noah. The exact duplicate of the Ark in the Bible has left the Netherlands and is heading to the US. This has been all over the headlines in recent months. They were going to be in Rio, but have changed their itinerary due to concerns with the Olympics. They are in the process of seeking the Lord as to their destination. Please pray for the exact place for the Ark to arrive. We will keep you posted.

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