Come Back

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Feb 04

She was on a plane to a faraway place. Alone. The long flight was turbulent.

She was slumped over in her seat, exhausted. The bumpiness rocked her to sleep. She had most of her belongings with her. Not just suitcases full of clothes, but big boxes that were taped shut. She would be there for a long time.

Not sure when she was returning, so she bought a one-way ticket.

She lost her home. She lost her family. She lost her friends. She lost her solid foundation. Her reputation was more than tarnished. She was in incredible debt.

She even had people that blatantly hated her. She actually had threats on her life.

But it wasn’t her choice.

The attacks didn’t come right away. The accusations were subtle at first. But as time went on, she was thrown into a whirlwind of horrific circumstances that were out of her control. Caught off guard. Some that tried to help. But most didn’t. Most didn’t want to get involved. They saw what it would cost. Their identity. Their reputations. Their comfort. Their family. Their livelihood. It just would cost too much to come to her defense. Besides, they didn’t see her situation as dire. They didn’t see the ultimate outcomes. They didn’t really care because it didn’t affect them.

It was a literal wipeout. Within just a few short years, her whole world changed.

A tsunami of loss.

Watching this unfold, each tragic event that she endured, took me by surprise.

I didn’t know what to expect, it seemed like it would never end.

Her name is America.

Forgive us God that We the Church are effectively slumped over in our seats, asleep.

Not only we don’t vote in most elections, but when we do, we typically don’t vote according to Biblical values. We the Church find it very easy to be deceived. (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

Forgive us God that We the Church have allowed our great country to slip into moral depravity, and find ourselves embracing sin and celebrating sin.  And we refuse to repent of it. (Mark 1:15)

Forgive us God that We the Church have a developed a worldview that is not Biblical. Biblical truth teachers are often missing from our pulpits and cultural and social issues are ignored. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Maybe we forgot that it’s You that has given this country Freedom, through the actions of Your human agents…Us. And we need to actively defend it. Always.

Maybe we forgot that it’s You that has given this country Divine Protection, due to Your Sovereignty. And we need to actively give You Glory, Thanks, and Praise. Always.

Maybe we forgot that it’s You that has given this country Blessings Beyond what we can count, even though we act like we don’t deserve it. That’s called Grace.

Perhaps Your One Way flight with Jesus has become pretty turbulent. And You have had a bumpy ride. You are exhausted and actually have fallen asleep to the world and its needs around you, because you can barely do your own life.

You get to be caught off guard by the power of the Holy Spirit instead of your whirlwind of horrific circumstances. So that You can celebrate His True Freedom.

You get to have Him take you by surprise with His mercy in every tragic event that you watch unfold in your life. So that You can celebrate His true Grace.

Just ask Him. He wants to help. And He does. He wants to get involved. And He will. He knows what it costs. He already paid the greatest sacrifice for You. With His life.
So that You can celebrate His true eternal Protection.

And Others will witness Your faith.
Others will experience Your courage.
Others will see Your transformation.
And will be inspired to do likewise.

By You, America will Come Back.
Once Again.

America. She needs to come back home to her foundations. This year’s elections will either guarantee that America will continue on her flight to a faraway place or be restored to her Judeo Christian values that she was founded on.

Christians in America: To seek wise Biblical teaching regarding values. To attend churches that are not ashamed of the gospel. To be willing to vote. To be willing to get the vote out for candidates that adhere to Biblical values. To not be deceived by the deception that is continual from the mainstream media.
Craig and I are going to be doing Election Forums again this year. We will be speaking at churches throughout Southern California. We will be teaching Christians how to vote their values.

For Election Forum: we are in urgent need for interns/volunteers to help schedule events, make phone calls, and coordinate/plan events. We cannot do this endeavor alone. We need qualified and willing people to do basic data entry as well.

Go to for more information.

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