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Oct 31

Sitting on the patio of a local restaurant, overlooking the sea, I was sipping coffee and enjoying a relaxing breakfast with Craig.

Conversations surrounding us focused on things that seemed QUITE PETTY, in the scheme of things. I noticed the marine layer was quite heavy with thick, billowing fog. The sun was DESPERATELY trying to peek through the stubborn, leftover clouds. A gentle, continual, comfortable breeze FILLED the quiet, serene, peaceful air. How refreshing. Gentle waves lapped onto the cascading shoreline. Just the direct opposite of what took place the night before.

On the East coast of our nation we heard the warnings. We knew it was coming. Hurricane Sandy.


The entire world watched. No one escaped its path. And it’s not over. Everything it touched got pretty torn up. Physical loss, relational loss, financial loss. The aftermath will be costly.

Forgive us God for our INDIFFERENCE towards others as they go through storms. And we sometimes just sit…and continue to sip our coffee, enjoy and relax.

Forgive us God for
our neglectful conversations. Consumed with things that seem QUITE PETTY. In the scheme of eternity.

Forgive us God for
our detached attitudes. If it’s not on my side of the coast, it’s not my problem.

Give us Your eyes, oh Lord to see the pain of others.
Give us Your ears, oh Lord to hear their cries.
Give us Your hands, oh Lord to reach out and help the hurting and broken.

Cascading waves of mercy and grace lapped onto your shoreline when you first trusted Jesus as Savior. His Holy Spirit lifted the heavy layers of thick, billowing doubt from your life. And He FILLED you with a gentle, continual breeze of His comfort. Quiet, peaceful, and serene. How refreshing.

How HORRIFIC to keep that good news to yourself. (John 10:28)
Because we are hearing the warnings. (1 Peter 4:7)
How DEVASTATING to not share the true hope of Jesus with broken, hurting people. (John 14:6)
Because we know Jesus is coming again. (Revelation1:12-18)
How HISTORIC and POWERFUL if you opened your mouth and did.
Because His word never fails. (Hebrews 1:3)
The entire world would be watching a massive move of the Holy Spirit. (Joel 2:28,29)

It’s called REVIVAL.

We need it.
You get to start it.

Do not be ashamed of the gospel. (Mark 8:38)

PRAY FOR: The people on the East Coast that have suffered Hurricane Sandy. Our friends, Pastors Brad and Stella Reed of the have been on the streets in Manhattan helping the hurting. They are in desperate need of donations. Every penny helps. The biggest need right now is for candles.

PRAY FOR: Revival here on this West Coast and on the East Coast. And everywhere in between. Our nation needs to repent and experience a deep cleansing of forgiveness by Our Almighty God.

PRAY FOR: Craig, me and Campaign staff and volunteers as we Get Out The Vote. Every minute counts these final days.

PRAY FOR: Faith based people to get off their butts and vote. We have been too content for too long.

REMINDER: Come join us to pray specifically for this election on this Saturday Nov 3, at our campaign headquarters – 21707 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 302 in Torrance. We are meeting at 8am

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