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Nov 03

Driving down Pacific Coast Highway is quite an EXCITING experience. Just looking at some of the cars driving by is a SPECIAL treat. So many times I notice classic cars, IMMACULATELY kept up, and most of which you would never see in other places. Southern California is the ideal climate to maintain and ENJOY classic cars and there are PLENTY of car shows to attend here. Hard core, classic car guys purpose to keep the miles low on their treasured vehicles. Typically those cars are SAFELY STORED, garaged and covered up. Those classics seldom get driven, but when they do…man, do they GET THE LOOKS. People always STOP and GAWK at their beauty. People are AMAZED at what they see.

Classic Christianity

Do we see that here? Does The Church here demonstrate what the Church did in the book of Acts?

Southern California is the ideal climate. The lost world is at our fingertips and everywhere I look I notice people who claim to be Christians. Practically every major street I drive on, I notice PLENTY of churches. There are PLENTY of churches to attend here.

Why do we just attend church like it’s a car show?
Why do we carefully keep up our “IMMACULATE appearance” when we are at church?
Why do we store our treasure Jesus Christ in the safe garage of our hearts?
Why do we cover up the classic gifts of the Holy Spirit? 1 Corin 1:7

When was the last time someone STOPPED and GAWKED at your life?
When was the last time you got out of your SAFE STORAGE area and drove some miles for Jesus?
When was the last time you allowed the Holy Spirit use YOU to demonstrate HIS gifts? AND people were AMAZED?

He wants to drive YOU around this area and show YOU off!
He wants to demonstrate HIS greatness through YOU!
He wants others to SEE Jesus on YOUR face.

You are a SPECIAL treat to Him.
You are a vehicle that encases His beauty.
You are ENJOYED by Him. You have His favor.

So get out of storage. Take that cover of comfort off. The world is desperate. Romans 3:23
The world is here. It needs Jesus. Romans 5:8
Through your mouth, they will hear. Romans 10:14,15
Don’t be ashamed of the gospel. Romans 1:16
Let your life will be an EXCITING experience. And man, God will GET THE LOOKS.

PRAY FOR: The fresh wind and fresh fire that descended down on the people who attended the South Bay Day of Repentance on Tuesday night to remain BLAZING in their hearts. Praise Jesus, we had over 15 churches represented with over 45 pastors and leaders and between 175-200 attending. A good chunk of those who attended were young people. What took place was indescribable. Humbling. God was definitely glorified. People cried out for repentance. Most were on their knees and their faces, while others were standing and weeping. Individual, local, state and national repentance poured from our lips. People truly HUNGRY for cleansing. We had Korean, Spanish and English prayer and praise with multiple ethnicities represented. There was unity in that place. Wow. It was a powerful demonstration of what God wants to continue here.

PRAY FOR: PRAISE for what God is DOING here. Like Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, said that night…“it only was a small group that met together to pray in the book of ACTS and ultimately that power changed the world! Imagine what God can do through YOU to change California and this Nation for Jesus Christ”

THANK YOU: for your DILIGENT and PERSEVERANT prayer… I’m convinced that the POWER that was demonstrated there on that night, through all of us, was because of DEDICATED warriors like YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. God sees and hears your prayers. You will be rewarded.

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