Chopped Up

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Sep 30

Prepping for last nights chopped salad required thought and planning on my part.

I opened my refrigerator door, (I knew what I had in there), but hoped something new would magically appear and save me from a trip to the store. I had a sneaking feeling there would be a problem and just knew something would be missing.

So, I started to take careful inventory.

I was missing the main thing. Spinach.

What a royal pain to have to get in the car and drive to the store, just to get some spinach.

Normally, I would have scrapped the whole idea.

But this was a special occasion.

As soon as I walked into the door, I didn’t waste any time to put things away.

I immediately started rinsing and chopping. A frenzy of crisp vegetables took over my cutting board. Scraps of pieces that I didn’t want, I pushed aside.

The pieces I wanted were tossed into the big clear salad bowl.

Some pieces fell down, scattered all over the floor.

It really was becoming a mess.

The pressure was on; I was under a time crunch, because dinnertime was coming fast.

Each piece was gently tumbled over my spoon taking on a light coat of dressing.

That salad was so colorful. Perfectly blended in. Finely chopped, the spinach didn’t stick out as an isolated ingredient. But it was noticed, all throughout.

I couldn’t wait to serve overflowing portions onto the eagerly waiting plates.

Forgive us Father for We the Church tend to open the refrigerator door of our mouths and complain about our President, Congress, Senate or State issues. More than a third of Us are not even registered to vote. We just hope something new will magically appear and save us from a trip we don’t want to take.

Forgive us Father for We the Church like to take careful inventory on each candidate and outline their problems and what is missing, and We typically don’t apply the same critical standards to ourselves.

Forgive us Father that We the Church can see voting as a royal pain, to have to get in the car or mail in a ballot. So only half of Us who are registered actually do.

Maybe We forgot that You told Us to BE the Light in this WORLD.

Light at Home. Light at Church. Light in the Neighborhood.

Light at School. Light at Work. Light in Entertainment.

And YES… Light in Government.  (Acts 13:47)

Maybe We forgot that You tossed Us All into a big, clear salad bowl of nations.

You gently tumble Us with Your spoon, coating each piece of Us in Your grace and mercy. You see all of Our pieces. Colorful. Together. Perfectly blended in.

Maybe We Forgot that You like to immediately start rinsing Us off with Your cleansing blood. And You chop things off of Us that You don’t want to use.

You don’t waste time, when We ask You to do that.

Are you prepping for eternity? (Luke 12:35)

This world is really becoming a frenzied mess.

The pressure is on; We are in a time crunch, for a special occasion.

Jesus is coming again. And Fast. (Luke 12:40)

Don’t scrap the idea that you are chosen by Him to make a difference here.

You have to have His main thing… The Holy Spirit

It will be noticed. All throughout.

He can’t wait…

To see you serve overflowing portions of His Love onto eagerly waiting plates.


We met with several members of Congress, the State Dept., Christian leaders of National Organizations back in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. The bill HR4017 Saving the Christians from Genocide has been stalled in committee for months. We decided the best way to get this bill back in front of Congress is to create a petition. We are mobilizing organizations nationwide to sign this petition. The more signatures we have, the more pressure it will be on Congress. You can sign this petition as well by clicking on the link below.

Click here.


Election Forums. We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach at over 30 churches from last August until Election Day. Please keep us in prayer during this exciting season!  Go to for current schedule.


Our business. We have some great clients and staff. A lot is going on. And we are stretched thin. Pray against attacks that would distract and be costly.

Let me know what you think. Email me at

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