Cherrio Christians

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Jun 26

I watched a friend place her baby in a highchair the other day.

She unstrapped her baby from her stroller, picked her baby up, and gently placed her into the highchair NEXT TO US. Once the baby was strapped in, she knew what to EXPECT and started to POUND on the highchair tray with ANTICIPATION. She knew she was going to be FED good things. My friend opened a small container of Cherrios. She placed a tiny handful onto the highchair tray and the little baby squealed with delight.

Her baby knew EXACTLY what to do. She eagerly placed her finger and thumb around one Cherrio and put it in her mouth and began to chew it. Drooling and messy but what an achievement, she was feeding herself. Unembarrassed, we both CLAPPED and CHEERED her on. When that Cherrio was gone, she then picked up another Cherrio. She DEVOURED each morsel like it was a gift. She reminded me how to RELISH each bite, of even a simple Cherrio.

She only started to whine when the Cherrios were all gone. Her mom knew what amount of Cherrios to give her. She patiently opened the container multiple times, delivering the same amount. She didn’t criticize the baby for not eating enough. She didn’t belittle the baby because she was making a mess. She didn’t pour out the whole container onto her tray. The baby would have been OVERWHELMED.

I love churches that are FILLED with “baby” Christians. People that come from all walks of life that have heard the good news of Jesus Christ. And their lives have been transformed, turned around, born again. So…They come to church EXPECTING to be FED good things. They come to church with hearts POUNDING with ANTICIPATION. They EAGERLY look at the Cheerio sized Scriptures given by the Pastor.

They DEVOUR each morsel like it’s a gift.
Drooling and messy lives, but they are learning to feed themselves.
Gently placed NEXT TO US ”mature”, “churchgoers”, “seasoned believers”.

Forgive us Father for expecting baby Christians to do things they are not ready for.
Forgive us for believing baby Christians need to learn mature things fast, using our special workbooks, courses, seminars and sermon series.
And we are disappointed when they don’t.
Forgive us for not wanting to listen to baby Christians whine.
Forgive us for condemning baby Christians for their messy lives.
Forgive us for looking down on the fact that baby Christians get OVERWHELMED if a entire container of heartache falls onto their tray called life.
Forgive us for not cheering on baby Christians and RELISH each step of their progress, And celebrate it with them. Cheering and clapping for them. Unembarrassed.

Thank you Jesus for Pastors who openly celebrate baby Christian growth. And let them testify in front of others of what God has done in their lives.
Thank you Jesus for Pastors who carefully deliver bite sized morsels of truth.
Thank you Jesus for Pastors who are so in tuned with the Holy Spirit, that they know EXACTLY what their people need to be FED.
Thank you Jesus for Pastors who patiently open Gods word multiple times and know exactly what AMOUNT to feed their people.
Thank You Jesus for Pastors who are not afraid to have their churches FILLED with messy, whiny, overwhelmed babies.

And for those of us that are “mature”…
We need to unstrap ourselves from our comfortable strollers
We need to allow the Holy Spirit to pick US up, outta that stroller that we have been gliding along in.
We need to climb up into His highchair and strap on the Power that God has given us
And ask Him to stick some baby Christians in front of our face.
Not just so we can teach them,
So THEY can teach US
And we will squeal with delight. Once again.

PRAY FOR: July 10th Night of Praise and Prayer @ Our House
27853 Conestoga Dr. Rolling Hills Estates, (7-8:30pm)

PRAY FOR: Craig is calling potential donors to the campaign. If people give, the Republican party in Sacramento will match the contributions dollar for dollar. This race is targeted statewide and being watched by many. If Craig doesn’t win, then the Democrats will be able to pass all legislation without a Republican voice/vote. The people in California will no longer be able to vote on tax increases, they will just be passed. You will see things being taxed more than ever. You will also see regulations increase. You will also see parental rights being taken away. You will see agendas that are anti biblical being pushed onto an unsuspecting population. Ideological war has already entrenched itself in our state, and God fearing people have been marginalized. We need to reverse that trend. So please pray for financial resources to pour into this campaign.

PRAY FOR: Pastors here to encourage Christians to share their testimony.

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