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May 18

Perfectly Positioned

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

My world these past few months has been…
Trauma. Blood. Pain. Physicians. Hospitals.
Life Giving Machines. IV’s. Medicine.
What I have seen is overwhelming.
What I have witnessed first hand is life and death scenarios.
Lives of loved ones literally hanging on by a thread.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I am reminded that the Majority of the entire World has…
Trauma. Blood. Pain.
Yet the Physicians are hard to come by.
And the Hospitals are far and few between.
Life Giving Machines are usually not available.
IV’s are found at a minimum.
Medicine is lacking and limited.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I notice that planted in the middle of incredible suffering are perfectly positioned glimpses of His glory and grace.
They have faces and names. They are there at the right time. And in the right place.
Luis is a security guard on the ICU floor. He is strategically seated right at the entrance to the ICU wing. He checks visitors ID’s when they come on the floor to see a loved one. Luis carefully writes down each visitor name and time.
Seen as an inconvenience to pretty much everyone; Luis still smiles.
I asked him why he smiles, surrounded by a constant sea of sickness and grief stricken families. He told me every name in each ICU bed he prays for. And he prays for their families. Luis said he has seen Miracle after Miracle on that floor. God has moved in Miraculous ways on behalf of His people through Luis. Luis is a glimpse of His glory and grace. Perfectly positioned to pray in the middle of incredible suffering.
Lucy works in housekeeping on the Cardiac floor. She goes from room to room emptying trash filled with bloody, soiled bandages and refreshes the cans with new clean liners. A thankless, dirty job. Yet, Lucy smiles and greets patients and their families. We asked her why she had such a great countenance. She laughed, pointed up and said “It’s because of my Lord Jesus!” She shared how she gets to testify of Gods supernatural Love to patients that are chronically ill and dying. What a gift she has been given. Lucy is a glimpse of His glory and grace.
Perfectly positioned to speak truth in the middle of incredible suffering.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church are surrounded by a constant sea of a sin sick culture, and even though We know Jesus is the Cure; We tend to drown in waves of compromise, causing You grief.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church tend to Act like the majority of the World.
We like to stay in Our emotional trauma, bleed out all of Our problems, and continually talk about Our pain from the past.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church can “know” that You are the Great Physician; but believe that You are hard to come by.
Maybe We forgot that Your Hospital is Your Presence. (Psalm 46:1)
Maybe We forgot that Your Life Giving Machine is Your Holy Spirit.
And He is Always Available.
Maybe We forgot that You stick Your Living Water in Our IV’s.
Abundant and Overflowing. (John4:13,14)
Your life might feel like You are just hanging on by a thread.
You may feel overwhelmed by everything You have had to see.
You may have been placed in the middle of incredible suffering.
Jesus has already checked Your ID. He has already written Your Name on His list.
And You are not just His visitor. You are in His family.
In fact, You are strategically seated right next to Him. (Ephesians 2:6)
Not an inconvenience. But wanted. And loved.
He already did the thankless, dirty job of dying on the cross for You.
So You can be a Miracle to Others.
In the midst of Your Mess.
You have been Perfectly Positioned for glimpses of His grace and glory.
Just Ask. Believe. Receive. (Mark 11:24)
Franklin Graham is in CA this month preaching Repentance and Revival.
Thanks be to God, Lord knows CA needs it!!! We are seeing and hearing about Revival all over this state!!! Pray. Invite. Attend!!!
The over 120 Pastors who attended Church United in Sacramento a few weeks ago. From throughout CA, these Pastors met and prayed with State Senators and Members of the State Assembly. Prayer and Praise echoed throughout the Capitol. There is a Supernatural move of the Holy Spirit towards Revival through these men and women. Expect Revival in their churches and communities!! (
Election Forums. Craig and me are speaking to audiences about how to vote your biblical values, as well as going down the ballot in a non-partisan presentation.
So far the turnout for these events has been amazing. People in CA are sick of the corrupt politicians and desperately want change. To see schedule, go to (
Continued prayer for our son Cory, who is in recovery from being shot 5 times by gang bangers trying to rob him on March 5. Please watch brief video for update. Also, please pray the shooter, Alberto Hernandez, 17, is found by Him and justice will be done.

Last week my dad, Jack, went to the ER. He was in afib, high heart rate, hard time breathing. He was discharged yesterday with a Life Vest, which is a wearable defibrillator. He is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. He is praising God he is stable and back home.

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Nov 08

For the Display of His Splendor

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

***I was in Houston last month helping volunteer w Samaritans Purse. The loss I saw there was heavy and difficult to describe. Some of my reflections are here. We have friends in Cuba, who were hit hard as well.

Dedicated to those who have lost.
Loved ones, homes, possessions, treasure.
Natural disaster is an oxymoron.
Mass shooting is a disaster; that is not natural.
For the Display of His Splendor
Winds hit. Water swells. Fires consume. Earth quells.
Burned. Gutted. Shot down. Flooded.
Cut Down. Piled Up. Torn Out. Ripped Apart.
Wrecked. Smashed. Broken. Destroyed.
Hearts Hurt. Tears Fall. Bodies Weak. Emotions Raw.
Silent rage. Torrential pain. Familiar fades.
Never the same.
Shaken awake. Sleep deprived. Empty place.
Want to hide.
Don’t understand. Don’t know why. Don’t see ahead.
Just cry.
Doubt Lingers. Fear still moves. Numbness present.
Faithful few.
Focus on Jesus. Lean in. Look ahead. (Proverbs 3:5)
Candles lit. Praises sing. Darkness flees.
King of Kings.
He comforts all who mourn.
He provides for all who grieve.
His Holy Spirit will never leave. (Isaiah 61:2,3)
He crowns beauty on their heads.
Gives them the oil of gladness.
His garment of praise overwhelms their sadness (Isaiah 61:3)
A planting of the Lord is NOW there in each place.
They are called Oaks of Righteousness, of His Mercy and Grace (Isaiah 61:3)
Overwhelmed by Him. His Refuge. His Strength. (Psalm 46:1)
Overwhelmed by His Great Exchange. (John 3:16)
Can’t explain. Can’t understand. Can’t contain.
God’s miraculous hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
Who takes the loss and turns it to gain. (1 Peter 4:12-19)
Who takes the hurts and heals the pain. (Romans 8:19-28)
Who takes the fear and blankets with hope. (Isaiah 40:31)
Who takes the weak and makes them strong. (Isaiah 40:29)
Who takes the hate and breaks through with love. (1Peter 4:8)
Who takes the broken and mends better than before. (Isaiah 61:1)
You will be rebuilt.
You will be restored.
You will be renewed. (Isaiah 61:4)
Because HE is Lord.
You are a Display of His Splendor.
King of Kings
Faithful Few
Never the Same

Continued Salvations and Revival to come to every area that has been affected by tragedy in our country. The Holy Spirit is on the move… We are already seeing it!
God is being glorified despite horrific disasters and people are being saved!
The gospel is being proclaimed and broadcast everywhere!
We have the One and Only Hope of Jesus Christ! And You get to share it!!!

A National Day of Repentance is needed for our nation. Many do not know Jesus. Many Christians live compromised lives. Please pray our elected officials, pastors and leaders will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to mobilize their cities and states for such a time as this.

Craig and I have started speaking again. “Making California Great Again” is one of our talks. Please pray for new opportunities and resources. And continued vision.

Election Forum. This is a game changer for CA politics. We need financial resources and staff to do research to keep this site up and running. You get to help.
Go to

Questions/Comments? Please email me @

Sep 09

Advancing Against

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

Advancing Against

The kids walked home every day from school. Conveniently located, school wasn’t too far from our house. They never complained and time flew by because their friends walked alongside them. But this day was different. The air was heavy and muggy. Atypical for the clear and sunny beach city days. What looked like rainclouds covered the sky. Rain wasn’t in the forecast. No one had any warning. The kids didn’t have umbrellas. They were not prepared. Neither was I.

Unannounced, the storm took everyone by surprise. It started to sprinkle.

Then, like a blast, it became an intense, continuous downpour.

The rain came down so fast and hard… I just knew the kids first reaction would be to not give up and run back home. Sure enough, they came bolting through the door. Drenched and dripping from head to toe. They were out of breath and trembling. Stripping off their sopping clothes was the first thing they did. And they couldn’t wait to wrap themselves in an oversized, big fluffy towel to dry off.

Later that dark and dreary night, it was still raining outside.

The kids were so thankful that they were inside.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church allow rainclouds of doubt and fear to cover our normally clear and sunny thoughts. So We end up wearing a muggy and heavy countenance. But doubt and fear are not in the forecast for Our futures.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church allow time to fly by when friends or family that used to walk alongside Us; no longer do. Sometimes they were hit with a storm and are still in it. We typically want to strip Ourselves from them to avoid their sopping mess.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can have an unannounced storm blast into Our lives. In fact, it can take Us by surprise. It can hit fast and hard. And sometimes Our reaction is to want to run. Far from it. Instead of back home; to You.

Maybe We forgot that This Day is Different. And that We as born again Christians are atypical. We get to bolt through His door of grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyday. And come inside. With Him. (John15:9)

Maybe We forgot that We are drenched in an intense continuous downpour of His Love. It covers Us from head to toe. We just need to be willing to drip that Love directly into the lives of those who love Us and especially to those who do not love Us back. (Matthew 5:43-44)

Maybe We forgot that the Holy Spirit already gave Us His big fluffy towels of Comfort that wrap Us up all the time. His towels are super oversized. So You can extend them out to others that are out of breath and trembling from running their lives without Him. (John14:26)

And even when it’s still raining on the dark and dreary nights of your life,

You have what it takes. (Psalm 18:32)

You have what they need. (Philippians 4:19)

You get to hold the umbrella of salvation out to the lost. (Matt 28:19)

You will not relent. You will not give up. (Galatians 6:9)

You will walk alongside them. Even if they don’t want You to. (Hebrews 3:13)

You will be empowered. You will be comforted too in the midst of Your storm. (2Corinthians 1:3-5)

You advance against the storms!!! (2 Samuel 22:30)


Because Jesus did it ALL and More for You. (Romans 5:1,2)



Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. Search and Rescue stage is ending. Gutting and tear down stage has begun. Street after street is lined with piles of ruined things. The homes stand as gutted shells. Pray the Holy Spirit fills these survivors with the spirit of Supernatural Thanksgiving and Comfort.

He will deliver and provide. He always does.


Caribbean Islands, Cuba & Florida-

Hurricane Irma.

Continue to pray for the many millions affected by this storm. Pray that Christian survivors will rise up and give testimony of His saving grace and mercy. Just like they did in Texas. Expect and pray for massive revival.

Plus they need volunteers NOW.

Go to



Things are heating up in the Middle East, like never before. Israel is hated and the countries surrounding her are ready to kill and destroy. Please keep Israel in prayer for protection on ALL sides. We are watching Ezekiel 38 unfold right before our eyes. (Ezekiel 38)


Our military. Our Congress. Our Senate. Our President.

They all have HUGE responsibility to handle VERY serious things.

Pray they continue to seek the Face of Our Almighty God in EVERY decision.

We as a Nation don’t just need a National Day of Prayer…

We need a National Day of Repentance!!!

Go to ( a dear friend of ours here in CA who writes regarding this need for our nation.

Questions or comments? Please email

Sep 02

Lock And Load

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

Congress doesn’t need to declare it.

There doesn’t need to be a preemptive strike.

But it’s a fact.

The USA is engaged in a Spiritual Civil War.

Intense spiritual battles surround Us every day.

In Our homes, Our churches, Our communities, Our state and Our nation.


Spirit Filled believers have an arsenal at their fingertips. (Psalm 144:1)


Our weapons are not little. They are not ineffective.

Our weapons are better than an AK-47.

Our weapons do more damage than a nuclear missile.

Our weapons are specifically designed to take out and take down.

Our weapons obliterate the demonic. (Jeremiah 1:10)

Our weapons annihilate the hate. (Malachi 4:1)

Our weapons destroy the anger. (Ephesians 5:26-27)

Our weapons scatter the enemies of Our soul. (Luke 17:6)


You are already on the battlefield.

You are already armed.

You already have what it takes. (Mark 9:23)

You just need to lock and load His Powerful Word (Hebrews 4:12)


Click the safety off.

Be ready to aim.

Be ready to fire.

Be ready to attack.

Every second. Every minute. Every hour. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)


The weapon?


Just DO IT!!!



Our Nation. President Trump declared a National Day of Prayer for this Sunday.

(September 3, 2017) (In light of Hurricane Harvey)

Ask the Holy Spirit how He wants You to intercede on behalf of Our Nation.

Millions Nationwide will join You.

Together We will get to participate in a Powerful MOVE of the Holy Spirit!!!

We will see A Hurricane of Repentance & Revival rain down on the US!!!

It will be historical!!!

Many will be Saved!!!

Many will give Glory to God!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!


Questions/Comments? Please email me @

Apr 05

Caked On

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Sometimes when I travel I need to rent a car. Usually I stick with the same company because over many years, their service and experience has proven to be the best.

But this time I was willing to take a risk, because my last rental a few weeks ago from this trusted agency was absolutely horrible.

The entire experience was the worst I’ve ever had.

Continue reading

Oct 13

Not Too Big

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Uncategorized

As soon as I stepped off the plane it hit me.  I was in a different time zone.

I gained three hours.  And what a gift to gain.

I got to be in an actual paradise, a step above sunny So Cal.

I left LAX; a congested, noisy, chaotic mess.

I arrived in Lihue, Kauai.  No crowds, no noise, amazing serenity.

My friend excitedly ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

We quickly threw my carry-on bags in the trunk.

We jumped onto the one and only highway.

We headed north to Princeville.

A true island heaven.  Everything I saw took my breath away.

His pleasured creation surrounded me.  What a divine encounter.

It was during this drive that I found out one of my dear friends died earlier that day.

I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe the news. It couldn’t be.  Not now.  Not him.

I didn’t know what to say.  And I couldn’t get a hold of his wife.

But I did call Craig.  He didn’t believe it either.  I felt numb.  I felt sick.

Even though my girlfriend was with me, I felt very alone.

She was patient and understanding, a comfort in time of need.

Sitting beachside a few hours later, our chairs sunk deep into the sand.

A spectacular bay, wide with greatness and glory, sprawled out before us.

We marveled at the pounding surf.  I really didn’t want to go out there.

It was TOO BIG for me.

So I sat in silence and watched.  What a fabulous time.

Wave after wave kept crashing in.  A never-ending, overwhelming thunder.

The power that we witnessed was unstoppable.

Reeling from the news of my friend’s death, I didn’t want to “go there” either.

It was TOO BIG for me.

So my heart sat in heavy silence that trip.  Even though I had a fabulous time.

But when I got home, wave after wave of grief came crashing in.

The overwhelming thunder of painful reality set in.

Forgive Us God that We the Church forget that You are Our friend in the time of grief, and You excitedly come running up to us to give us a hug.

Forgive Us God that We the Church forget that You will help us throw our carry-on bags of sorrow into Your trunk of glory.

Forgive us God that We the Church forget that Your bay of patience with us is spectacular and Your understanding is wide with greatness and glory.

Thank You Jesus that our chairs of grace are not sunk deep into sand, but rock.

Thank you Jesus that our heavy silence on the trip of grief is heard by You.

Thank you Jesus that our painful reality of loss is NOT TOO BIG for You.

Maybe you got some shocking news.  Maybe you feel alone.  Maybe you feel sick.

Jump onto that One and Only Highway of the Holy Spirit.

Let Him give you His unstoppable healing power, so others will see it and believe.

Let Him give you His patience and understanding, so you can comfort others too.

Let Him give you marvelous waves of His never-ending love, so others can witness it and receive.   2 Corinthians 1:3-6

What a gift to gain.

PRAY FOR: Calvary Chapel South Bay as we grieve the homecoming of our

Pastor Steve Mays.  Pray for his wife, Gail and family that they journey gracefully through grief.  His memorial service is on Oct 23 @ 7pm.  For more information please go to:

PRAY FOR: Election Forums have been going great! Thanks for your prayers!

We are booked solid up thru the election.  God is bringing the right people to attend these sessions.  We have had to turn down requests from throughout the state, but do to financial limitations; we can’t go.

PRAY FOR:  Our vision and desire to bring Election Forums statewide and nationwide.  This can only happen if God opens doors and provides financial resources.  Pray that His will be known to us.

PRAY FOR:  Our business.  As you can imagine, we are under incredible attack as we further the good news of Jesus Christ.  We need new business.

THANK YOU:  We both know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much.  We feel your prayers and treasure them.  We are eternally grateful.  It holds us up.

Questions/Comments? Email me:

Sep 19

Dirty White

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Uncategorized

Someone told me once that white cars are easier to take care of, because they don’t “show dirt” as much as others.  They lied.
After being gone two weeks, my white car was filthy.  It was left outside in our driveway.  It was covered with a layer of DIRT, leaves and even bird poop.
It must have been windy.  I couldn’t think of anything else that would stir up such a mess.
Funny thing was, right before I left, I had the car washed, waxed and detailed.  They did such a great job, I could see my reflection.  Now I couldn’t even see that my car was white.  DISGUSTED by how it looked, I grabbed our hose and sprayed it down.  Quickly the dirt SLID OFF.  The leaves ROLLED away. But the bird poop still stuck.
Recognizing this was turning into a bigger wash job, I took a rag and started scrubbing at that stubborn STUCK bird poop.

Someone told me once that they don’t go to church because “Christians” there are hypocrites.  And it made me think of my dirty white car.
Sometimes people that really KNOW us usually see the DIRT that has accumulated on our lives.
And they are DISGUSTED by how we LOOK.

So…church, where do you park your heart?
Is it left outside in the driveway of the world?
Getting bombarded with hate, anger and fear?
Do you allow your heart to get STUCK by things that fly over your life and dump on it?
My guess is your life is a lot like mine.  Sometimes it’s just a whirlwind.
And we forget to get our heart washed, waxed by the professional detailer, Jesus.

You see because Jesus loves you so much, He wants you to be clean before Him.
And when you receive Him as your Savior, He washes those sins away, not once but forever.  (1 John 1:9)
Jesus didn’t die and shed His blood for you to continue to walk around with dirt covering your white garments.
He died so that you would be a reflection of Him.
And for that reflection to shine through you.

So you might need to get hosed off with His love.
You might need to get sprayed down with His forgiveness.
You might have to let Him take out a rag and scrub off those STUCK places on your heart.
And one thing I know for sure… If you allow Him to detail your heart…
The dirt of your life will SLIDE OFF.
The leaves of sin will ROLL away.

And the people that really KNOW you will see a difference in your LOOK.
They might not be able to quite put their finger on it.
But be ready, because they might want what you got.
And they might want to come to church.

What do you think? Email me @

PRAY FOR: Craig and Shelly are in the final stages of their decision regarding running in 2012.  Confirmations have taken place recently.  Expect an announcement soon.

PRAY FOR:  South Bay Day of Repentance.  We are rescheduling the date to allow more time for preparation. Shooting for October. We anticipate many churches being involved.

PRAY FOR: Craig , Shelly and Evan to have wisdom and discernment.  We are building a team of warriors. Gov’t, Business, School, and Church leaders to intercede on the behalf of the South Bay and surrounding area.

I need your input. Please email me

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