Cardboard Inserts

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Mar 26

Shoe shopping is an EXTRAORDINARY experience for Craig.

Stores do not carry his size…unless we find a rare store that has EXTRA WIDE sizes. Typically we need to order shoes online. The catalogues show vivid pictures of the shoes. We know what we are getting based on the description. We trust them to ship us the right shoes. We really don’t know what we are getting until we open the box, take them out, TEST them, TRY them on and walk around.

We ordered a pair of shoes last week. It’s a PAIN because, if they don’t fit we have to ship them back. So we held our breath as Craig tried them on. We wanted them to fit so we don’t have to go through the HASSLE of sending them back. As Craig walked around he noticed one shoe was rubbing on his little toe. He was so DISAPPOINTED. He really liked how they looked. He really liked how the left shoe fit. But the right shoe was too tight. DISCOURAGED, he gave up and took them off. FRUSTRATED, he walked away. I started to put the REJECTED shoes back in the box…then something caught my attention. Inside the right shoe was a cardboard insert. Craig felt the uncomfortable tightness, but he didn’t SEE why. I yelled for him to come back. Laughing out loud, I showed him the problem. It was SO SIMPLE. It just needed to be removed. That cardboard insert got in the way of a perfect fit. Craig tried it on again and the shoe was FINE. In fact, he is walking everywhere in them today.

We don’t really know what we are getting in the Box called Life.
We see the pictures of our life and we see the description of what is going on.
So sometimes we put our orders in to God in the form of prayer requests.

We hold our breath while we wait for answers…that FIT us.

Sometimes those answers are a PAIN, because they aren’t what WE had in mind.
Sometimes those answers are not what we wanted, so we REJECT them.
Sometimes those answers make us UNCOMFORTABLE.

And because the answers to our requests don’t FIT what we think WE want,
We sometimes walk away from Jesus.
Ready to box up Christianity and ship it back.

Maybe we are like that cardboard insert.
Maybe we are a stiff necked, stubborn people.
Maybe we get in the way of our Sovereign God.
Maybe we get in the way of His Perfect FIT for our life.

TEST me, Oh Lord and TRY me.
Examine my heart and my mind.
For your Love is ever before me,
And I WALK continually in your truth.

Psalm 26:2-3

Do this.

It’s not a HASSLE. It’s really SO SIMPLE. And You will have…an EXTRAORDINARY experience with Jesus by taking that EXTRA WIDE step of faith.

PRAY FOR: Please continue to pray for our staff. We have a great core team that we wan to build on. Pray for wisdom and unity as we gear up for a big push to the primary election on June 5th.

PRAY FOR: We have launched the South Bay Ambassador Network and would like the word to spread. Once again Christians will be the difference maker in this election. Please pray for a massive grass roots conversation to take place between Christians on the importance of voting and voting according to Biblical values.

PRAY FOR: We have a campaign office. Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and bless our staff as we get things set up for volunteers.

PRAY FOR: We are starting our internship program soon. With the economy as it is, we believe this program will be a great opportunity to equip adults and students with some valuable work experience. We need the Lord’s wisdom and the right people.

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