Burning buildings

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Oct 11

The other night Craig and I were up in LA speaking.

When we got home, I popped some popcorn, grabbed a soda, chilled on the couch and turned on the news. We needed a little relaxation and a chance to unwind. I was shocked to see a fire right off of the 101 freeway, literally JUST DOWN THE STREET from where we were.

It was a structure fire. Fire engines came from all directions. All the news stations were showing live coverage. The BUSY firemen were walking on the roof with their hoses trying to douse out the flames. At first, it looked like the fire could be contained. But it was way too hot and within a short time the roof started to collapse. The situation looked HOPELESS. The flames were so tall that the plumes of smoke could be seen from a LONG DISTANCE. No one knew what was INSIDE the building. But, because of the flames, they assumed it was VOLATILE chemicals.

It was fascinating to see the strategy that the firemen used to FIGHT this fire. A few BOLD firemen were literally on the edge of where the roof collapsed. The pillar of fire raging next to these guys was at least 100ft tall. They looked like they would be engulfed in seconds. They had no FEAR. But they KNEW WHAT TO DO. And they worked together like a team. Radioing in ALL THE TIME with their captain, because he knew everything that was going on. The building began to degenerate right before our eyes. Windows burst. Air conditioning units melted. Huge signs disappeared just leaving their metal supports. Thankfully the fire became under control. Only with a demonstration of a POWERFUL united effort.

What we forgot is that we as a Church are being watched. Not by news teams helicopters. But by our neighbors. And an Almighty God.

Forgive us God that we as a Church have allowed neighbors lives that live JUST DOWN THE STREET to degenerate into HOPELESSNESS and burst with FEAR.

Forgive us God that our lives are so busy that we have LONG DISTANCED ourselves from those flames of fear and plumes of smoke that can consume others lives. And we decide to relax and chill on the couch of “it’s not my problem”.

Forgive us God that we really don’t know what is on the INSIDE of the lost, and that we are afraid of the VOLATILE dangerous things that we might encounter when reaching out to them.

Give us Your eyes God to see the burning structures of lives not built by you. Lives that could be engulfed and collapsed with despair within seconds.
Give us Your heart God to fight with Your strategy the pillars of fire that have been erected against You with Your Love.
Give us Your desire to suit up with Your armor and get as close to the edge of destruction, to be used to pull people out of the flames of an eternal hell.

ALL the firemen were fighting that fire.
Not one was sitting in the truck.
Not one was waiting to be used.
They heard the call and couldn’t wait to go.
They knew what to do.
They got in where it was hot.
Where they might get hurt. And some of them did.

Remember that You have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16

You know what to do. Matthew 28:19
You know what to say. Because HE gives You the words.

You get to radio into your Captain, the Holy Spirit ALL THE TIME. 1 Thes 5:17
You just need to listen. And stay in constant communication.
After all, He knows everything that is going on, with you and your neighbors.

He will give You POWER to fight the good fight. Acts 1:8
He will give You a Spirit of BOLDNESS to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.
He will place you directly in position to douse out raging fires with the unstoppable love of Jesus. Acts 17:26,27
To rescue others with His grace and mercy like He did for you.
Hell is too hot to not.

We as a church are built on a solid foundation. Jesus Christ.

Nothing can move it.

It remains intact.

PRAYER REQUEST: As expected, the attack ads against Craig have begun. Craig’s opponent is attacking Craig’s business, integrity, and family. Please pray that we would respond with God’s wisdom and that the TRUTH about my husband would spread far and wide. Pray that the residents of the South Bay would stand up against this political slander with their voice and vote.

PRAYER REQUEST: Craig’s opponent just received another $325,000 this week. They mountain of money coming in against Craig continues to grow. Pray that the Lord would multiply our resources, both financially and with more volunteers.

PRAYER REQUEST: We have over 150 people who have adopted a precinct in the 66th district. This means that we have every city and almost half of every neighborhood covered in prayer. Unite with us in prayer to double this number in the next 7 days. We are asking the Lord for 200 more prayer warriors.

PRAYER REQUEST: Nearly 75% of Evangelical Christians don’t vote. This breaks our heart so we believe the Lord has given us a strategy to get them to the polls November 6th. We have launched the Ambassador Network where we are asking 1000 Christians in the district to pray for 12 friends/family/co-workers to vote and being their Ambassador to make sure they get to the polls. Please pray for an overwhelming response from God’s people to pray for and encourage those they love to make their voice heard through their vote.

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