Buried Junk

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Mar 19

I was walking along an open field next to a ditch in the road. It was a sunny day and something shiny was glimmering in the tall, overgrown grass. It rained the day before, so the ground was muddy. I walked closer to see what it was. I thought I had found some buried treasure! It looked like a handle to something that had been buried. I tugged on it hard to try and pull it out. It was stuck in the ground pretty deep. So I found a large stick and started prodding the wet mud away from it. When I finally was able to remove it, I discovered it was a just a metal container, probably an old can of paint. The part that was buried was rusty and corroded. The label was gone. Time had eroded it away. It was empty. Not a trace of what it contained. Just a piece of junk.

Past unconfessed sin is like that buried container. The problem is, we know what it is and where we buried it. Sometimes that sin will stick its reminders through the tall overgrown grass of our busy lives.

We ask Jesus to open our heart to Him.
We ask Jesus to rain down His blessings on us.
We act surprised when the rain Jesus brings, sometimes reveals shiny buried junk.

Jesus wants us to walk closer to Him to see what that buried junk in our heart is.
Jesus will tug on our heart hard until we ask Him to pull that junk out.

Sometimes that junk is an action.
Sometimes that junk is an attitude.
Sometimes that junk is a broken relationship.
Sometimes that junk is a betrayal.

The weight of that unconfessed sin is heavy. Like wet mud.

You thought time would help you forget.
You thought time would make it go away.
You forgot that Jesus transcends time.
And He knows all about it.

The best part is that if You know Jesus, He already died for that sin.
You get to confess it to Him 1 John1:9.
And to whomever else needs to hear it James 5:16.
And healing will take place.

And Your rusty, corroded, container of unconfessed sin will be empty.
Not a trace of what it contained will be in Your life.
The label of that sin does not need to be on You.
In fact, that label of that sin has been eroded away.
By the blood of Jesus.
Because You are His treasure, glimmering in the sun.
Not a piece of junk.

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