Blown Up

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Sep 06

Last week we were in Croatia.  We were only there for one day, so we decided to take a RISK and hire the first taxi driver we found that spoke English.
We wanted a private tour guide.  Sure there were things that we wanted to see…that tourists typically see…
But we really wanted a unique experience.  We wanted individual attention from an expert, from someone who LIVES there, KNOWS the people and RECOGNIZES our need to see special things on this journey.

Well, we got that person.  Not only did he show us the typical tourist sights, he also went out of his way to take us to some places I’m sure most tourists NEVER GO.
As we were driving and getting to know him, he said “I’ve just got to show you some amazing things.”
Of course we were curious.  And a little nervous.   But we were ALREADY on the trip, so we AGREED TO his guidance.

We drove down a bumpy road towards the ocean.  The views were spectacular. The beach was amazing. Then he rounded a corner and started to describe the area we were approaching.
“These hotels here are five star resorts, with world class dining.”  Then we meandered into a resort style community.
Palm tree lined streets. Incredible landscaping…all overgrown.
Magnificent hotels with exquisite architecture…bombed.
This was a warzone 15 years ago.
Windows were blasted out. Bomb blasts scarred walls. Roofs were missing. Walls were torn down. Rubble piles littered the street.

We sat in silence.  We just stared horrified.
What irony seeing war torn devastation resting right next to pristine beaches.
The locals were on the beach laughing and playing in the ocean, oblivious to the nightmare that had taken place right next to them.
Yet it was so obvious to us.

Maybe you have experienced a nightmare in your life.  Maybe recently.  Maybe years ago.
You have felt like the walls holding you up have been blasted into rubble.
Maybe your heart has been torn apart by violent winds that have ripped it open, leaving it exposed like those roofless hotels.
Maybe you have experienced something so gut wrenching that you feel like missiles have torpedoed their way through your very being.
So you sit in silence. You just stare horrified.

Well, I know someone that wants to be your private tour guide.  Jesus.  You see, He really is an expert.
He not only KNOWS YOU.  He RECOGNIZES your need to SEE special things in this journey.
He has chosen to take YOU to places that some people NEVER GO.

You might think that He knows nothing about your nightmare.  Well, He does.  Because He was there in it, with YOU all the time.  You see, He LIVED it with you.
But today you may feel like you are still driving down that bumpy road.

Like that private tour guide, Jesus says to you… “I’ve got to show you some amazing things!” Because He loves YOU so much, He wants YOU to have individual attention. He wants YOU to have an unique experience.  He wants YOU to take the risk.

You might be curious. You might be nervous. Because you are pretty blown up.
But YOU are a risk-taker.   Besides, you are on the trip ALREADY.  And you just need to agree to HIS guidance.
So ask Jesus to help you clean up the rubble in your life.
Ask Jesus to help rebuild and erect the walls of your faith.
Ask Jesus to cement over and repair the holes that have torn apart your heart.
Ask Jesus to remove the overgrown landscaping of bitterness and anger that have clogged the paths of sanity in your thoughts.

Why? Because Jesus designed YOU as a magnificent five-star masterpiece.
And like the locals on that pristine beach, Jesus wants YOU to laugh and play in the ocean of His love.
Best yet, when others watch YOU recover from your nightmare, they will stand in awe…knowing it was only a supernatural work of Almighty God that could heal YOU.

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PRAY FOR:  Continued guidance and vision for Craig and Shelly as they seek God for direction in running in 2012 and our ability to build a solid team of visionaries, pastors and leaders.

PRAY FOR:  Pastors, leaders and Christians in this District to UNIFY for the cause of Jesus Christ.  A fresh wind, fresh fire of the Holy Spirit to cause individuals to repent and be revived.

PRAY FOR:  Community leaders in education, business and government to be willing to engage in a Day of Repentance for their city.  We want to see transformation in the marketplace for Jesus Christ.

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Shelly Huey

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