Black Covers

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Jul 17

Because California is a parched desert, we get to BUY our water from other states.

The California Water District is EXTENSIVE and POWERFUL. Most of its operations are underground. We live right down the street from a reservoir. Its pretty HUGE and DAMMED UP. Literally acres of LIFE GIVING water is sloshing around under a big protective black cover. What a precious resource. Necessary for survival. Water is CONSTANTLY released to the nearby cities and residents.

Without it they would die of THIRST.

You can’t see the reservoir from the street. No wonder no one really PAYS ATTENTION to it. No signs IDENTIFY it. It’s hidden by green mature trees. Well worn horse trails surround it. No one passing by really knows what goes on behind the one and only gate.
Serene, quiet and secluded. Kept secure. Fenced in. Safely contained and protected, AWAY from thirsty people. A well kept secret except for those that live right next to it. If you peer beyond the barbed wire fence, you see a vast NOTHINGNESS. All you see is that big black protective cover. You can’t even SEE the water. No evidence of LIFE. No evidence of POWER.

Cities and residents around us are dying of thirst.
They THIRST for the Living Water.
They just don’t know where to find it.
So they keep going to other “wells”, BUY it and they think it will provide.

But they stay thirsty.

Forgive us for not IDENTIFYING to thirsty people that we know the One and Only source of living water… Jesus.
Forgive us for wanting to be safely contained and protected. AWAY from thirsty people.
Forgive us for staying inside serene, quiet and secluded churches. Because no one passing by really knows what goes on in there.
Forgive us that no one really PAYS ATTENTION to the fact that we have a life changing personal relationship with Jesus. Because we can just jump on the well worn trails that lead to Christian events and pray the pastor or worship leader leading it will tell others the gospel,

Because we won’t.

Because maybe if people peer beyond the barbed wire fences surrounding our hearts, they would see a VAST NOTHINGNESS.
Because maybe if people look close enough they will see a protective black cover of depression that has covered our LIFE GIVING source of hope.
Because maybe if people find out our well kept secrets they will see a black cover of pain that has consumed our hidden joy.
Because maybe if people really knew what went on behind the gates of our minds, they would see a black cover of confusion that has enveloped our souls.

Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit is more EXTENSIVE and POWERFUL than we can imagine?
Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit is HUGE and doesn’t live down the street but in US?
Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit doesn’t want to be DAMMED UP inside of US?

He wants to CONSTANTLY release life-giving water out of YOUR life. He wants to flood your parched desert soul with His presence once again. But He won’t do it unless YOU let him remove that black cover. All you have to do is ask and He will Breakthrough.

And because of HIM, You will experience the glory of His VAST goodness.

You will become a reservoir of HOPE for a dry, thirsty, lost people.
You will become a reservoir of JOY for a pain-ridden person.
You will become a reservoir of PEACE for a confused non-believer.

You will be used by Him CONSTANTLY. People will PAY ATTENTION to Jesus. Signs, miracles and wonders will follow you. Hebrews 2:4

All the time.

Evidence of LIFE. John 10:10
Evidence of POWER. Romans 15:13

And People will SEE the living water…IN YOU.

PRAISE: We had a small but powerful time of Praise and Prayer last Tuesday night. God has blessed us with amazing prayer warriors like You. Thank You for holding us up in prayer. Without it we would be completely and utterly useless.

We will be having ongoing prayer at our home every Monday night starting July 30th from 7pm to 8:30pm. We will also have prayer at our campaign office every Saturday morning from 8am to 9am starting August 4th. Hope you can join us as we lay a foundation of prayer for the coming months.

PRAISE: Craig was on Fox Business News again last week. Pray for more opportunity for him to be asked to appear on TV and Radio.

PRAY: We are in the process of interviewing potential staff. Pray for wisdom and discernment in hiring. We also are in need of capable and professional volunteers.

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