Better Than Gold

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Aug 19

Olympians reflect and represent their country by their uniforms.

They can’t just join the team.
They have to count the cost, work hard and earn it.
They get to wear the uniform of the chosen few.
Their country trusts them to do big things.

God knows that We His Church are like Olympians.
He places Us in strategic areas of intense competition. Worldwide.
Some of Us get it.
And We accept the challenge.
So, We sit at Our Coach’s feet. We hear His voice.
We talk to Him. We read His playbook. We suit up. We go out.
Competition after competition We go.
We win some. We lose some. But We don’t stop.

Unlike the Olympian uniform that is designed for speed and comfort,
Our Uniform is designed for war.
Because We are called to fight in a war for souls.

Every thread of that uniform is saturated by the His blood of grace.
Every piece of armor that We wear is fashioned by the Power of His mercy.
Our entire uniform is shaped and molded by His unending Love.

It’s the kind of uniform that takes down principalities and powers of this world.

Forgive us Father that We the Church may not want to wear Your uniform because it reflects and represents Jesus and Our lives may not.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church tend to feel that Your uniform is uncomfortable, so We don’t wear it much, and it just hangs in Our closet.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church join the team called Christianity as a belief to identify with, but not to actually DO anything for.

Maybe We Forgot that We didn’t work hard to earn Your uniform. Jesus did that for Us. Because of His work on the cross, We get to wear the uniform of salvation and be part of Your team.

Maybe We Forgot that the disciples wore Your uniform of grace, mercy and love. And they boldly proclaimed the mystery of the gospel. They counted the cost and ended up dying for their faith. As do many persecuted Christians throughout our world today.

Maybe We forgot that We are called to be the chosen few.

Dust that uniform off.
Strap on the helmet of salvation. It will restore You with His joy.
Strap on the breastplate of righteousness. It will give You His strength.
Strap on the belt of truth. It will deflect lies from the enemy.
Strap on the shoes of peace. They will deliver His hope into chaos.
Strap on the shield of faith. It will put out the targeted fires from the enemy.
Wield the sword of the Spirit. It will breathe the life of the word on anything it touches. (Ephesians 6:10-17)

Accept the challenge.
You are His action.
He has placed You in an intense, strategic position in this world.
He trusts You to Do big things for His kingdom.
You are on His team.
Sit at His feet. Read His playbook. Talk to Him. Hear His voice. Go out.
Take down some powers and principalities.
His team ultimately wins. Eternally.

Better than Gold.


The historic flooding in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Tens of thousands have lost everything. Homes, cars, jobs. Samaritans Purse, a non-denominational evangelical organization is boots on the ground in disasters throughout the world. Greenwell Springs Baptist Church is one of the sites they are using as a base in the Baton Rogue area. This church is where Tony Perkins (Family Research Council’s President is an interim pastor) and his family lost everything. Keep him and this church in prayer; they need teams of volunteers and donations, as most of their members are now homeless.

Go to for more info.
Or call the church directly @ (225) 261-2246

Right now they need people to remove mud and debris, floors, drywall and salvage belongings from flooded homes. Also they need to have food distribution via mobile kitchens.


We have set a date for the private discussion w Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on Capitol Hill in DC, regarding the “Save the Christians” bill he wrote, that is currently stalled in committee. We are inviting Christian national leaders to participate in this discussion on September 8. Pray those invited will attend. And pray that this bill will be heard and passed.  See the following link to learn about the bill (click here)


Election Forums. We are in the process of booking them. Pray that God opens the doors of churches that we have not been to in the past. The people need to know what a biblical worldview is and how to vote their values.

Let me know what you think. Email me at

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