Backyard Fire

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Jun 20

I first learned to BBQ on my own when I was a sophomore in college. I bought a little BBQ for twenty bucks that used charcoal. We lived in an apartment, so that BBQ got stuck outside on the back porch. My favorite part was DOUSING the charcoal with lighter fluid. My roommates knew I was about ready to BBQ when they would hear me yell, “you gotta come see this!” They would come bursting out of their rooms in anticipation of instantaneous combustion. I would throw a match on the fully covered briquettes and within seconds the entire BBQ was ENGULFED in flames. I Loved It! It was my own little CONTAINED display of power.

Once the flames subsided, my roommates thought it was hilarious to squirt more lighter fluid into the BBQ. This caused powerful and noticable eruptions of NEW fire. We were awed. Every time. It never got old. Thank God we had the COMMON SENSE to have the BBQ isolated in the middle of a cement patio. Safe. So figured out. Where nothing else would catch fire.

Today our BBQ is pretty hardcore compared to the one in my college days. It’s bigger, looks cooler, and has a bigger capacity for food. Plus it has features that make cooking SO EASY. It has a CONTINUAL SOURCE of fuel, a huge propane tank is ATTACHED to it. It also has electronic ignition, so QUICK and FAST. I can control the heat and the settings. But like my college days, I keep that BBQ outside, on the back porch.

We the Church have become like my BBQ today.
We the Church get to control the amount of heat on us.
We the Church get to control the settings of where we go and what we do.
We the Church sometimes pride ourselves in planting churches but stay isolated. Safe.

Maybe We the Church think that we are pretty hardcore after all. We have the big Churches, We have the cool venues, We have the cool technology, We have a bigger capacity for people. In fact, in our culture, most Churches have features that make following Jesus look SO EASY…so figured out. And the Holy Spirit gets stuck on the back porch of our lives. We are content with little CONTAINED displays of His power…only to be displayed in church, on Sundays.

When Jesus walked the earth, people yelled “you gotta come see this”.
When Jesus walked the earth, people burst out of their rooms in Anticipation of Instantaneous miracles.

Everywhere HE went. There were Powerful and noticeable eruptions of His healing fire. There were Powerful and noticeable eruptions of His deliverance. People were awed. Every time.

Oh Holy Spirit break through our COMMON SENSE.
Help us to see that You want to DOUSE us with a fresh NEW wind, fresh NEW fire.
Help us to see that You’re a CONTINUAL SOURCE of fuel and You are ATTACHED to our very being.
Help us to see that You are able to ignite us, QUICKLY and FAST.

Take us off the back porch. SET us where You want us. Turn the heat up. Take all the glory.

When this happens our culture will see that the Church is UNCONTAINED. Every day. Everywhere. ENGULFED in love for each other, the community, and the lost. And that never gets old.

PRAISE: Thanks Be to Our Almighty God for Victory on Tuesdays Primary Election!!! We are so humbled and blessed to be used by God in this way. We are grateful to the mighty prayer warriors like YOU.

Join Craig and I as we rejoice over Gods grace shown to us. We will be having a NIGHT OF PRAISE and PRAYER Celebrating Our Great God

Who: You and your friends
Where: Our back porch! 27853 Conestoga Dr. Rolling Hills Estates
When: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 (7pm-8:30pm)

PRAY FOR: We have lots of upcoming strategy sessions and staff planning. We need direction and vision and resources. We are up against a well funded opponent that has incredible financial support coming from unions, special interest groups and lobbyists.

PRAY FOR: Shelly as she is battling health issues. She was recently diagnosed with lupus. Specifically she needs strength, focus and energy.

PRAY FOR: God to continue to be glorified in this campaign. We want to be able to rally local pastors, churches and Christians and encourage thousands of Christians to vote their values in November.

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