Back Burner

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Nov 21

A good chef knows that if anything requires a slow simmer, it is PUT ASIDE on the back burner of the stove. If a pan is placed on the back burner, it is CONSTANTLY WATCHED and always WITHIN REACH. Anything that sits there has little urgency, and really isn’t that much of a priority compared to other things that are cooking. The heat on the back burner is regulated by the chef, so it doesn’t boil over or burn.

Typically sauces are made on the back burner. The chef has the “IT CAN WAIT” attitude with his sauce. It is never IGNORED. The chef has the timing of cooking sauces down to a science. While simmering the flavors and seasonings are added at specific times, and his sauce is stirred occasionally, developing the SMOOTH CONSISTENCY it needs.

Amazingly, the sauce will be done when everything else is ready. The chef will proudly give a taste to anyone who asks and any chef will tell you that it’s the sauce that makes an incredibly PERFECT dish.

You might be in a season where you have been put on the back burner of life.
You might be in a season where you have been PUT ASIDE.
You might be in a season where you have been IGNORED.

Sometimes all you feel is this slow simmering frustration. You feel like a low priority. You are sick and tired of slowly WAITING for life to move on.

Know that Chef Jesus is CONSTANTLY WATCHING you in that season of simmer.
Know that Chef Jesus knows how long you need to be on that back burner.
Know that Chef Jesus will always have you WITHIN HIS REACH. Heb 13:5
Know that Chef Jesus will regulate the heat on you in just the right amount…because He is a good Chef.

While you’re sitting there in that pan, ask for more flavor. Ask for flavors like hope, joy and peace. They will be added at just the right time. While you’re on simmer, ask to be stirred by that sifter of the Holy Spirit. He will develop in you the SMOOTH CONSISTENCY you need.

You are on that back burner for a purpose.

Not so that you get frustrated.
Not so that you get so boiled over that you get angry.
Not so that you burn with unanswered questions.
But so that you will become PERFECT.

Thank God that back burner seasons doesn’t last forever, and when it ends you will see that everything else is ready at the same time. Chef Jesus is so proud of you. Because of your back burner time, others will taste and see that the Lord is good.

Our compliments to the Chef.

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