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Feb 05

His Display

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized

Realistic and transparent; yet Hollow and Plastic figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus graced our front yard these past few weeks. What a simple and powerful display. They are three feet tall, big enough to see them from the street, but not overwhelming the entire yard.
The gardener and the sprinklers were the only things that bothered them. Until the winds came.
Each day I came home, I found Mary and Joseph laying flat on the grass, isolated and alone. They were so lightweight, the winds just blew them over. Jesus didn’t move because he was safe, inside the manger. I would walk over to Mary and Joseph and move them back into their positions…right next to Jesus.
Today I decided to bring the family back into the garage, their permanent residence. Mary and Joseph slid right into their respective slots on the shelf. Their space is right next to the big container of outside lights. Jesus is small enough to squeeze into that container. All tucked in for the next 335 days.
Forgive Us Father that We the Church tend to lead Plastic and Hollow lives in front of others instead of leading Realistic and Transparent Ones. 
Ephesians 4:24,25
Forgive Us Father that Our Church may be big enough to see from the street, but typically doesn’t Overwhelm Our entire Community with Your Love. 
Forgive Us Father that We the Church can be okay with just Squeezing a small Jesus into Our busy lives, and so Our walk with Him can slide onto the shelf of complacency.
Romans 12:11
Maybe We Forgot that You are the One who comes and picks Us up off the ground when We are blown over by winds of pain that hit Our lives.
Maybe We Forgot that Our permanent residence is in You. Not isolated and alone in a respective slot of an unknown garage.
Maybe We Forgot that being tucked in Jesus’ Love is where We are kept. Designed to be containers of His Outside lights.
You are graced by Him to be in the Front Yard of His Kingdom.
You are seen by Him.
You are not a lightweight.
You are a simple and powerful display of His glory.
 Be His Display. All year long.
2 Corinthians 4:6
Consider joining Craig and me as we fast and pray starting January 6th for 21 days. We have joined with Jentezen Franklin in Irvine for their corporate fast for years. It is very powerful in many ways. 2019 is another opportunity for His Glory to be shown to California and this Nation! Pray specifically for His guidance and direction for our involvement in CA politics and our business.
Despite recent defeat in some CA elections, there are many encouraging things happening within the Church, here in CA. Pray for continued Revival and Salvations, the Holy Spirit is at work in CA!!!
Our son Cory as he continues to recover physically, emotionally from the shooting on March 5, 2018. Currently Cory is back working part time doing Executive Protection with high level celebrities/ billionaires. He is very glad to be able to work.
He continues to go to counseling and therapy for PTSD. Pray for supernatural breakthrough from the past, successful Godly decisions for the present, plus heeding wise council and choices for his future.
Cory update click here.

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Jan 30

Not In Service

By shellyhuey | Victory Update

It was ahead of us on the freeway. We didn’t really pay attention to it until it decided to change lanes and cross over into ours. The cars in front of us had to slow down to accommodate it. It was a huge behemoth. It took up the whole lane. It was wide and tall. Its size blocked our vision. Not a good move. So we changed lanes to get around it and get past it. As we drove by, we noticed it was completely empty. No one was sitting in the seats. Just the driver. The big bus had a LED scrolling destination sign in the front. Instead of a destination, it said “Not in Service”. That explained why it was empty.

Who knew where it was going. Or where it came from.

It was just there, taking up space on the freeway.

Forgive Us Father that when We the Church are on the freeways of Our life decisions, sometimes We get ahead of You and Your will.

Forgive Us Father that when We the Church don’t really pay attention to Your word or direction for Our lives, We try to get around You. We end up crossing over from Your perfect will into Your permissive will. Not a good move.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can forget that Our pride looks like a huge behemoth to You and takes up the whole lane of Our wisdom, so much so that it blocks Our vision.

Maybe we forgot that sometimes We need to slow down to accommodate You.

Despite Our sin You are ready to fill once again Our empty hearts with Your forgiveness and love. (1John 1:9)

Maybe We forgot that We are not supposed to be just taking up space in the pews of Our churches.  (Acts 1:8)

Maybe we forgot where We are going or where We came from. Or even Our destination.  (Romans 8:30)

“IN SERVICE”… it’s just a touch of a few keystrokes to remove the word NOT.

You get to change lanes and remove that word today.

Be IN SERVICE for Him.

Be ready to be driven by His Holy Spirit.

Let Him light up Your LED display for His glory. (Acts 13:47)


Craig and I are heading to Medellin, Columbia for a business related event. Pray for our safety, divine appointments and connections there.


The Holy Spirit to bring Deliverance and Healing upon our nation. Pray for the body of Christ to wake up and recognize that we are to be Ministers of Reconciliation. We want to see a National Day of Repentance ASAP.


Protection for Pastors and their families who continue to fight the culture wars with the word of the Lord, in CA and in this country. They will be blessed for what they do. Only 7% of Evangelicals voted this past election in CA. And we wonder why we have such corruption in this state.

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May 18

Perfectly Positioned

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

My world these past few months has been…
Trauma. Blood. Pain. Physicians. Hospitals.
Life Giving Machines. IV’s. Medicine.
What I have seen is overwhelming.
What I have witnessed first hand is life and death scenarios.
Lives of loved ones literally hanging on by a thread.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I am reminded that the Majority of the entire World has…
Trauma. Blood. Pain.
Yet the Physicians are hard to come by.
And the Hospitals are far and few between.
Life Giving Machines are usually not available.
IV’s are found at a minimum.
Medicine is lacking and limited.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I notice that planted in the middle of incredible suffering are perfectly positioned glimpses of His glory and grace.
They have faces and names. They are there at the right time. And in the right place.
Luis is a security guard on the ICU floor. He is strategically seated right at the entrance to the ICU wing. He checks visitors ID’s when they come on the floor to see a loved one. Luis carefully writes down each visitor name and time.
Seen as an inconvenience to pretty much everyone; Luis still smiles.
I asked him why he smiles, surrounded by a constant sea of sickness and grief stricken families. He told me every name in each ICU bed he prays for. And he prays for their families. Luis said he has seen Miracle after Miracle on that floor. God has moved in Miraculous ways on behalf of His people through Luis. Luis is a glimpse of His glory and grace. Perfectly positioned to pray in the middle of incredible suffering.
Lucy works in housekeeping on the Cardiac floor. She goes from room to room emptying trash filled with bloody, soiled bandages and refreshes the cans with new clean liners. A thankless, dirty job. Yet, Lucy smiles and greets patients and their families. We asked her why she had such a great countenance. She laughed, pointed up and said “It’s because of my Lord Jesus!” She shared how she gets to testify of Gods supernatural Love to patients that are chronically ill and dying. What a gift she has been given. Lucy is a glimpse of His glory and grace.
Perfectly positioned to speak truth in the middle of incredible suffering.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church are surrounded by a constant sea of a sin sick culture, and even though We know Jesus is the Cure; We tend to drown in waves of compromise, causing You grief.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church tend to Act like the majority of the World.
We like to stay in Our emotional trauma, bleed out all of Our problems, and continually talk about Our pain from the past.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church can “know” that You are the Great Physician; but believe that You are hard to come by.
Maybe We forgot that Your Hospital is Your Presence. (Psalm 46:1)
Maybe We forgot that Your Life Giving Machine is Your Holy Spirit.
And He is Always Available.
Maybe We forgot that You stick Your Living Water in Our IV’s.
Abundant and Overflowing. (John4:13,14)
Your life might feel like You are just hanging on by a thread.
You may feel overwhelmed by everything You have had to see.
You may have been placed in the middle of incredible suffering.
Jesus has already checked Your ID. He has already written Your Name on His list.
And You are not just His visitor. You are in His family.
In fact, You are strategically seated right next to Him. (Ephesians 2:6)
Not an inconvenience. But wanted. And loved.
He already did the thankless, dirty job of dying on the cross for You.
So You can be a Miracle to Others.
In the midst of Your Mess.
You have been Perfectly Positioned for glimpses of His grace and glory.
Just Ask. Believe. Receive. (Mark 11:24)
Franklin Graham is in CA this month preaching Repentance and Revival.
Thanks be to God, Lord knows CA needs it!!! We are seeing and hearing about Revival all over this state!!! Pray. Invite. Attend!!!
The over 120 Pastors who attended Church United in Sacramento a few weeks ago. From throughout CA, these Pastors met and prayed with State Senators and Members of the State Assembly. Prayer and Praise echoed throughout the Capitol. There is a Supernatural move of the Holy Spirit towards Revival through these men and women. Expect Revival in their churches and communities!! (
Election Forums. Craig and me are speaking to audiences about how to vote your biblical values, as well as going down the ballot in a non-partisan presentation.
So far the turnout for these events has been amazing. People in CA are sick of the corrupt politicians and desperately want change. To see schedule, go to (
Continued prayer for our son Cory, who is in recovery from being shot 5 times by gang bangers trying to rob him on March 5. Please watch brief video for update. Also, please pray the shooter, Alberto Hernandez, 17, is found by Him and justice will be done.

Last week my dad, Jack, went to the ER. He was in afib, high heart rate, hard time breathing. He was discharged yesterday with a Life Vest, which is a wearable defibrillator. He is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. He is praising God he is stable and back home.

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Apr 11

Supernatural Power

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized

The phone call that no one wants to get came in on the night of March 5th.
I heard what Craig was saying. And I couldn’t believe it.
I immediately cried out to God, “Save my son!! You have the Power, God, Do it!!!”
Cory had been shot five times, and was in the operating room.

I didn’t know the details. I just knew that God had to do some intense miracles.

I sent out an emergency text for prayer. It was 10:00pm.

Two back-to-back, extensive surgeries and 16 hours later; Cory was in the ICU.

I prayed the surgeons would participate in the Presence of Our Almighty God and see miracle after miracle. And they did!!
Two bullets hit major arteries. He should have bled out on the scene. He didn’t.
I’m convinced that angels were right there, plugging those shattered arteries.
He lost so much blood, he flat lined at 11:00pm. But God brought Cory back.
Cory went through 15 liters of blood, equivalent to three whole body volumes.

Just those miracles alone surprised the doctors, nurse and technicians, that were working on Cory’s case. The head vascular surgeon came to see Cory, on the third day that Cory was out of surgery. When she came out of his room, we said “Thank you and your trauma team and God for saving our son”. She said “Oh no, it was ALL God” while pointing up!! She saw the miracles with her own eyes. Despite her team and her professional training and expertise, she KNEW what took place was supernatural!!

Two other bullets entered Cory’s abdomen. Once again, the surgeons were surprised and admitted to us that they were confused. The only structure that was damaged was the colon. They were able to successfully resect it. The surgeons said anytime they have a gunshot victim that has been hit in the abdomen, the bullet twists and turns inside and destroys many organs that are in the way. Most of the time, patients die because the damage is so extensive. Another miracle.

And there are many more miracles, big and small that took place, each day…

He spent 25 days in the hospital. He is now home. He has 8 different specialists working with him. He has a long road to recovery.

As you can imagine, this past month has been a HUGE BATTLE but filled with continual supernatural miracles!! Every day we rejoice and are in awe of what the Lord is doing through Cory. God is good ALL the time.
Pray for complete spiritual, emotional and physical healing for Cory. Being a victim of an attempted murder is a lot to unpack.
Pray the Holy Spirit will guide and direct every decision Cory makes.
Pray that the Holy Spirit downloads His blueprints for Cory’s calling.
Pray that the three gang bangers who tried to rob Cory will be apprehended immediately before they wreak more violence on innocent victims. The detectives told us the shooter is 17, and is named Alberto. Pray for him specifically. Only Jesus can heal hate. Only Jesus can heal anger. Only Jesus can be the One and Only Hope for these kids. (John14:6)
The bible is very clear that “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. What man and the broken juvenile court system in CA could do to these kids is nothing compared to the wrath of God. (Romans 12:19)

You can be a miracle for Cory by doing the following:
1. Add Cory to your prayer list daily (and your churches prayer list)
2. Cory will not be able to work for a long time, pray that he will qualify for disability.
***A site has been set up to accept donations that will be used for Cory’s additional medical and living expenses during his recovery and physical rehabilitation.

You can donate online at

All funds go directly to Cory.

Or if you would like to send a check, make it out to Craig Huey and write “for Cory” on the memo line and send it to:

Craig Huey
21171 S Western #260
Torrance, CA 90501

Again, all funds go directly to Cory. Every donation helps. Whether big or small. It’s a miracle to Cory and a miracle to Us.

3. Please pray for Craig & me too, this has really been hard.

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Feb 24


By shellyhuey | Victory Update

Last Monday morning, we flew up to Sacramento, got off the plane and checked into a hotel for a conference with the organization called Church United.
Over 100 pastors gathered there from all over CA.
Around 1pm, I went up to my room. My entire body felt like a truck hit it. Everything really hurt and ached. My head was pounding. I had a fever and chills. There was no way I could walk around. It hit me so suddenly; I had no choice but to crawl into bed. I spent the entire time, isolated in my room. Thankfully, Craig was there to bring me water, tea, and Gatorade.
This conference was special to me. I was so bummed that I missed everything that was planned, because I was sick with the flu. I missed the insider meetings that were scheduled with key movers and shakers in our state. I missed the special tours of the Capitol. I couldn’t be in the secret meeting rooms where everyone prayed for CA and sang praises to Jesus. But mostly, I missed getting to know the Pastors better.
I couldn’t understand why I went all the way up there, just to lay in a soft bed.
What a waste of time. Poor me.
It wasn’t until late Tuesday afternoon right before Craig was scheduled to speak, that I knew why. I was supposed to speak right after Craig. The Lord gave me the exact words to say. The Lord gave me the strength to stand. He was glorified.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can behave like We are bedridden when We are hurt in life. We tend to isolate and crawl into soft beds of inactivity. We end up missing out on what You have planned for Us.
Forgive Us Father that We the Church can run with a feverish pitch for some legit cause, and yet give up when it gets really hard. Our tendency is to just chill and watch others do the hard work.
Forgive Us Father that We the Church want to be on the insider track with moves of Your Spirit, but when You change things up, we can feel it’s a waste of Our time. Poor Us.
Maybe We forgot that You are the key mover and shaker in Our lives. (Haggai 2:6,7)
Maybe We forgot that You have a special tour called Destiny just for Us. (Jeremiah 29:11)
Maybe We forgot that You are Our secret place that We run to. To pray and sing praises to You. (Psalm 91:1,2)

You might not be able to understand why you feel out of it.
You might not be able to walk around.
You might remember that God likes to do things Suddenly.
He likes to hit You with His Holy Spirit like a truck. Over Your whole body.
With A fresh wind, fresh fire of His Healing and Deliverance.
All You have to do is Believe and Ask. (Mark 11:24)
And He will. Because He does.
Expect Miracles. Every Second. Every Day.

Pastor Jim & Amanda Domen and as they continue to transform CA for Christ! Pray these Pastors throughout the State of CA are empowered to bring truth, healing and deliverance to their people and community. We see Revival in CA Now!!

Council for National Policy-
Pray for the businesses, gov’t & national leaders represented to build unstoppable momentum for our culture to be driven by conservative values. Mainstream media hates the leaders of this organization. Pray for their protection and for financial resources to multiply.

Revival, Miracles and Healing to take place in Parkland, Florida. The Spirit works in mysterious ways, and I know this community is ripe for Harvest. Pray the Church there is open to a Powerful move of the Holy Spirit and many will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Thank You for praying for my broken foot! I went to the doctor one week later and he took another x-ray (he was afraid the bones would have come apart more and I would need surgery) he came back into my room and said, “I have never seen this before, but your bone is healed!” I threw my arms in the air and said “glory to God!”
The bone was perfect, not even a line where the breaks were. I was in a walking boot for 1 week! Our God is a God of Miracles! Thank You for being part of that Miracle with me! This is an example of how fast He is moving throughout CA and this nation.
He is raising up His Bride!!
Be ready – He is coming again soon!! Revelation 22:20

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Feb 09


By shellyhuey | Victory Update

Friday night I jam-packed my carry-on for three days in the sun with girlfriends.

I stuffed my backpack with supplies and reading materials. My passport was tightly zipped inside my backpack outer pocket, readily available to show to anyone.

It was an early Saturday morning flight out of LAX.

I calculated the time I should leave the house. Everything was on schedule. Because I wasn’t checking any bags, I knew needed to be there a half hour in advance of the cut off time to board. Then something unexpected happened.

When I arrived to check in, the attendant asked where I was going. I told her. She said, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry, you just missed it.”  Shocked and confused, I asked “Why & How?” She mentioned “This is an International flight, you have to be here an hour in advance.” I said “But I’m not checking any bags!”

She said, “It doesn’t matter, that’s the rules.”

Wow, did I feel stupid. Having years of world travel experience, I knew that rule.

I just didn’t think. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. Not wanting to just sit there and beat myself up; I had to immediately shift gears.

I had to find another flight ASAP. Thankfully, I found one at the last minute on another airline. Thank God my carry-on has wheels! I ran to the next terminal.

I got on, we took off and I arrived. What a blast we had!

An exhilarating adventure. Nonstop laughter and great fun.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can know exactly where We are going. Everything is on schedule as planned. Then something unexpected happens and We are shocked and confused. And We question You with Why & How. (Job 40:1-24)

Forgive Us Father that We the Church have been given Our passport to Eternity through the blood of Jesus Christ, yet sometimes We keep it tightly zipped inside the backpack of Our hearts, afraid to show and share it to anyone. (Romans 1:16)

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can be proud that We no longer have big bags of sin to check in with You. Instead, We jam pack that carry-on sized sin, the kind We like to roll with; when We run from Your Presence. (Romans 6:22,23)

Maybe We forgot life with the Holy Spirit is not typical. He goes in advance of Us, transcends Our time every second, not just before We takeoff on new adventures. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Maybe We forgot that blame We take on for Our Own stupidity was already taken by Him. So We don’t sit in blame and beat Ourselves up.

We immediately shift gears and run to His flight called Forgiveness.  (1 Peter 2:24)

Maybe We forgot the Holy Spirit is Our permanent carry-on. He has wheels that roll ALL Our burdens away. We don’t ever have to carry it again.

RUN to Him. Even if it’s last minute. Get on board with Him. He will take off and You will be above it ALL.

Exhilarating. An Adventure. Nonstop.


Craig & I have some upcoming private meetings and conferences this next week. Please pray for divine appointments! Pray for Leaders, Pastors and their Churches here in CA and nationwide to be mobilized. We will be seeing Revival here in CA!!!


2018 Election Forums are in the preplanning stages. We need researchers, writers, schedulers and Churches to participate. Pray for doors to open wide this election cycle! We know when the Church is involved and voting Biblical values, quality candidates will get elected and change the culture!


My foot! I broke it on this trip last week…Pray for healing and patience on my part!

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Nov 08

For the Display of His Splendor

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

***I was in Houston last month helping volunteer w Samaritans Purse. The loss I saw there was heavy and difficult to describe. Some of my reflections are here. We have friends in Cuba, who were hit hard as well.

Dedicated to those who have lost.
Loved ones, homes, possessions, treasure.
Natural disaster is an oxymoron.
Mass shooting is a disaster; that is not natural.
For the Display of His Splendor
Winds hit. Water swells. Fires consume. Earth quells.
Burned. Gutted. Shot down. Flooded.
Cut Down. Piled Up. Torn Out. Ripped Apart.
Wrecked. Smashed. Broken. Destroyed.
Hearts Hurt. Tears Fall. Bodies Weak. Emotions Raw.
Silent rage. Torrential pain. Familiar fades.
Never the same.
Shaken awake. Sleep deprived. Empty place.
Want to hide.
Don’t understand. Don’t know why. Don’t see ahead.
Just cry.
Doubt Lingers. Fear still moves. Numbness present.
Faithful few.
Focus on Jesus. Lean in. Look ahead. (Proverbs 3:5)
Candles lit. Praises sing. Darkness flees.
King of Kings.
He comforts all who mourn.
He provides for all who grieve.
His Holy Spirit will never leave. (Isaiah 61:2,3)
He crowns beauty on their heads.
Gives them the oil of gladness.
His garment of praise overwhelms their sadness (Isaiah 61:3)
A planting of the Lord is NOW there in each place.
They are called Oaks of Righteousness, of His Mercy and Grace (Isaiah 61:3)
Overwhelmed by Him. His Refuge. His Strength. (Psalm 46:1)
Overwhelmed by His Great Exchange. (John 3:16)
Can’t explain. Can’t understand. Can’t contain.
God’s miraculous hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
Who takes the loss and turns it to gain. (1 Peter 4:12-19)
Who takes the hurts and heals the pain. (Romans 8:19-28)
Who takes the fear and blankets with hope. (Isaiah 40:31)
Who takes the weak and makes them strong. (Isaiah 40:29)
Who takes the hate and breaks through with love. (1Peter 4:8)
Who takes the broken and mends better than before. (Isaiah 61:1)
You will be rebuilt.
You will be restored.
You will be renewed. (Isaiah 61:4)
Because HE is Lord.
You are a Display of His Splendor.
King of Kings
Faithful Few
Never the Same

Continued Salvations and Revival to come to every area that has been affected by tragedy in our country. The Holy Spirit is on the move… We are already seeing it!
God is being glorified despite horrific disasters and people are being saved!
The gospel is being proclaimed and broadcast everywhere!
We have the One and Only Hope of Jesus Christ! And You get to share it!!!

A National Day of Repentance is needed for our nation. Many do not know Jesus. Many Christians live compromised lives. Please pray our elected officials, pastors and leaders will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to mobilize their cities and states for such a time as this.

Craig and I have started speaking again. “Making California Great Again” is one of our talks. Please pray for new opportunities and resources. And continued vision.

Election Forum. This is a game changer for CA politics. We need financial resources and staff to do research to keep this site up and running. You get to help.
Go to

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