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Aug 12

Cool Beans

By peterguirguis | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Waking up the other day in the mountains, I made a beeline for the coffee pot. I quickly grabbed my grinder. I ground a small mountain of beans, placed the coffee in the FILTER, poured the cool water in and pressed the button. What a flavorful aroma! It’s so quick and easy to do, and I anxiously wait for the results. Within minutes I am holding an OVERFLOWING cup of relief in my hands. Soon, my groggy and mushy mind is alert and powered up, ready to go and take on the day. The lure of caffeine can be addicting. And the funny thing is caffeine works for me, every time. The habit is not one I want to break.

Forgive us God that We the Church really don’t typically wake up and make a beeline for You, Your Word or Your Holy Spirit.

Forgive us God that We the Church have groggy and mushy minds when it comes to Your One and Only truth, and are easily deceived. (1 Timothy 4:1)

Forgive us God that We the Church want easy, quick results to ease our pain, so we become anxious and don’t’ wait patiently. (Psalm 139:23,24)

Maybe We forgot that You like to give OVERFLOWING cups of relief in our hearts, We just need to ask. (Romans 15:13)

Maybe We forgot that You offer to pour Your cool living water into us. We just need to press the button of repentance, and run it through Your FILTER of forgiveness.

Maybe We forgot that Your love is a lure, addicting and works for Us, every time.

You may be on a mountain of hopelessness. You may be on a mountain of debt.
You may be on a mountain of confusion.
Even though those mountains seem big to You, He is BIGGER than those mountains.
Jesus has a supernatural grinder. And He is willing to quickly grab it for You.
Give Him your beans of hopelessness; He will grind out His Hope.
Give Him your beans of debt; He will grind out His Abundance.
Give Him your beans of confusion; He will grind out His Truth.

Push that button of repentance; let Him FILTER His Mercy and Grace through His Cool Living Water to You.
And You will become a flavorful aroma!!!
Powered Up, Ready to Go and Take on the Day.

This habit that is not one You want to break.

Craig and I are in the beginning stages of planning a 2016 Presidential Debate. We are in the process of inviting the candidates to participate. We hope most show up. This event will be held here in the South Bay. Please pray for candidate’s schedulers to respond to our invites and be available to attend.

Pastors, church elders and board members here in Southern California. Pray specifically for them to stand firm on truth, and to be on their guard regarding deception.

The saints in the church to be alert and on guard, as the enemy prowls around like a lion looking for those he can devour.

Revival here in Southern California. People are broken and hurting. Jesus is their only Hope.

My health. I have been off the grid for a while. I’ve been hit with incredible fatigue and pain. I am going to several doctors. I would like to have the energy to continue to do Victory Updates on a regular basis. I know the Great Physician heals!!!

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Feb 26

Covered Up

By peterguirguis | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Anyone watching the news these past months has seen a vivid, horrific barrage of barbarian beheadings.   There were single individuals beheaded at first, now people are ASSEMBLED and lined up in multiple (groups).  Their faces are broadcasted for all to see.  ISIS terrorist faces are veiled in black.  COVERED.  UNKNOWN.  The media has broadcasted an endless parade of experts, conferences and summits, who try to bring sense to this violent outrage.  Global attention has given ISIS a vague definition with limited understanding.  Some entities and leaders refuse to address what this warlike initiative actually is.  Some in power have carefully crafted words that downplay the reality.  Some media have called it a war on Christians.

Most have sidestepped what Islam really is.  And what Islam really represents.

It’s really a war on Jesus Christ.  Any religion that hates Jesus Christ is, by definition, “Antichrist”.  Any religion that teaches the killing and hatred of Jews and Christians is Antichrist.  Jesus Christ is God and came to this world as the Prince of Peace.

He came to save, set free, and redeem us from an eternal death sentence, due to our sin.

Forgive us God, for We as the Church ASSEMBLE and line up in multiples to attend church, but to our Muslim neighbors and Muslim community we remain COVERED and UNKNOWN.

Forgive us God, for we as the Church are so angry at ISIS that our knee jerk reaction is to blow them away.  So we hesitate to ask your Holy Spirit to bring global redemption to this violent outrage.

Forgive us God, for we as the Church rely on our expert panels, conferences and summits to transform communities. And this should be the job of Your Holy Spirit working through His surrendered people.

Maybe we forgot that we too once had black veiled faces. Covered with shame and condemnation before Jesus found us and took that veil off.

Maybe we forgot that LOVE is the highest command of Jesus.  Not hate.  And when Jesus was brutally tortured and hung on a cross to die, HE said “forgive them Father, they know not what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Maybe we forgot that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.  And that includes our Muslim friends who don’t know Jesus yet.

The spirit of the Antichrist is alive in this world.  (1 John 4:3)

We are in the end times.  We have a very short time to reach out to those that are lost.

In light of what is going on, we have an incredible opportunity to talk to Muslim friends about who Jesus is.

Muslims are converting to Christianity throughout the world daily.  Jesus is revealing himself to them in dreams and visions.  I guarantee that ISIS is hearing the gospel from those that are being beheaded.  And that ISIS, one by one, is being saving from an eternal hell.

They deserve eternal hell.  So did you.

Thank Jesus that …It’s by grace that we are saved through faith. (Ephesians 2:8)


The families of those who were beheaded.

And for those who did the beheadings.

That the ISIS leaders will be exposed to the saving grace of Christianity, so that they too might be saved.  And that their unveiled faces will be broadcasted for the whole world to see, and eventually hear about their conversion.


Our pastors to not sidestep Islam, tell the truth regarding what Islam is and what they believe.  Too many Christians are clueless and have limited understanding of Islam.


Divine appointments with Muslim people.  You know the truth of Jesus Christ.

You are set free.  Talk to them and tell them how to be set free.


Craig is attending the CA Republican Convention this weekend in Sacramento.

Pray for him to have successful meetings with specific individuals.

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