Prayer Update 9

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

May 18
Hello everyone,

This campaign began in prayer, was built on prayer, and will close in prayer.  The final election ballots are being counted today at 1:00 and if our lead continues we will face Janice Hahn in the July 12th runoff.  

Please pray that the entire process will be transparent and done with the highest level of integrity.  We are praying that the voice of the people be heard.

Standing together for His glory,


Jesus Christ loves IMPOSSIBLE situations.

He loves to take on IMPOSSIBLE odds.

He sees IMPOSSIBLE things as amazing opportunities to SHOW HIS POWER and

And you know what’s simply mind-blowing? That the God of this Universe would choose impossibilities like you and me.

Impossibilities like us to enact and execute HIS plans.

Impossibilities like us to take on an IMPOSSIBLE situation like District 36.

Impossibilities like us to DEFY the impossible odds in District 36.

And right now Jesus Christ is using this election to demonstrate to this NATION His POWER to DO the IMPOSSIBLE.

You signed up for this. You knew about it in advance. You supported it in prayer. You were there all along. You were chosen. Impossible you.

AND during that UNSEASONABLE DOWNPOUR on Tuesday, YOUR PRAYERS moved mountains. The results…

As of now, Craig is in 2nd place. The media NATIONWIDE has gone crazy.  Reports of “Major Upset”, “Shock”, and “Stunned” have hit online, radio and TV. Google Craig Huey, and currently there are over 340 news feeds.

BUT, it’s not over. There are still ballots to be counted.

That’s where YOU come in.

As the election results rolled in, EACH posting showed Craig GAINING percentage points. He started in third. He made up the margin and surpassed one of the front runners. This placed him in second. Earning him a seat in the general election runoff slated for July 12.

So PRAY that he stays there. Pray for favor over the ballot counting today at 1pm and the tentative final tomorrow at 1pm.

The Republican Party flew in attorneys to oversee this process and are at the Registrars Office now. Pray for their keen oversight and due diligence.

Ironically, the candidate that is behind Craig, by 206 votes, is the current Secretary of State. That position is in charge of rules, laws and ethics for our voting system in California.  Needless to say, she is going to
vehemently be on a rampage to do what it takes to try and move Craig out of second place.

She is convinced that the ballots yet to be counted will be in her favor.  And if the margins are narrow and still in Craig’s favor, she plans a recount.

PRAY for Craig to continue to have FAVOR and by a WIDE margin.

PRAY for the opposition to continue to operate in confusion.

PRAY for Craig to continue to have wisdom and discernment for all these media interviews that are bombarding him.

We humbly THANK YOU for the AMAZING demonstration of Prayer Support. We fall on our knees giving THANKS to our Lord and Savior and give HIM ALL THE GLORY!!!!

Jesus Christ + Impossible Us + Impossible You =