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Nov 08

For the Display of His Splendor

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update , Victory Update

***I was in Houston last month helping volunteer w Samaritans Purse. The loss I saw there was heavy and difficult to describe. Some of my reflections are here. We have friends in Cuba, who were hit hard as well.

Dedicated to those who have lost.
Loved ones, homes, possessions, treasure.
Natural disaster is an oxymoron.
Mass shooting is a disaster; that is not natural.
For the Display of His Splendor
Winds hit. Water swells. Fires consume. Earth quells.
Burned. Gutted. Shot down. Flooded.
Cut Down. Piled Up. Torn Out. Ripped Apart.
Wrecked. Smashed. Broken. Destroyed.
Hearts Hurt. Tears Fall. Bodies Weak. Emotions Raw.
Silent rage. Torrential pain. Familiar fades.
Never the same.
Shaken awake. Sleep deprived. Empty place.
Want to hide.
Don’t understand. Don’t know why. Don’t see ahead.
Just cry.
Doubt Lingers. Fear still moves. Numbness present.
Faithful few.
Focus on Jesus. Lean in. Look ahead. (Proverbs 3:5)
Candles lit. Praises sing. Darkness flees.
King of Kings.
He comforts all who mourn.
He provides for all who grieve.
His Holy Spirit will never leave. (Isaiah 61:2,3)
He crowns beauty on their heads.
Gives them the oil of gladness.
His garment of praise overwhelms their sadness (Isaiah 61:3)
A planting of the Lord is NOW there in each place.
They are called Oaks of Righteousness, of His Mercy and Grace (Isaiah 61:3)
Overwhelmed by Him. His Refuge. His Strength. (Psalm 46:1)
Overwhelmed by His Great Exchange. (John 3:16)
Can’t explain. Can’t understand. Can’t contain.
God’s miraculous hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
Who takes the loss and turns it to gain. (1 Peter 4:12-19)
Who takes the hurts and heals the pain. (Romans 8:19-28)
Who takes the fear and blankets with hope. (Isaiah 40:31)
Who takes the weak and makes them strong. (Isaiah 40:29)
Who takes the hate and breaks through with love. (1Peter 4:8)
Who takes the broken and mends better than before. (Isaiah 61:1)
You will be rebuilt.
You will be restored.
You will be renewed. (Isaiah 61:4)
Because HE is Lord.
You are a Display of His Splendor.
King of Kings
Faithful Few
Never the Same

Continued Salvations and Revival to come to every area that has been affected by tragedy in our country. The Holy Spirit is on the move… We are already seeing it!
God is being glorified despite horrific disasters and people are being saved!
The gospel is being proclaimed and broadcast everywhere!
We have the One and Only Hope of Jesus Christ! And You get to share it!!!

A National Day of Repentance is needed for our nation. Many do not know Jesus. Many Christians live compromised lives. Please pray our elected officials, pastors and leaders will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to mobilize their cities and states for such a time as this.

Craig and I have started speaking again. “Making California Great Again” is one of our talks. Please pray for new opportunities and resources. And continued vision.

Election Forum. This is a game changer for CA politics. We need financial resources and staff to do research to keep this site up and running. You get to help.
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