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Jun 15

Urgent Care

By shellyhuey | Victory Update

One of the major local hospitals has an Urgent Care facility near our home.
It’s situated smack dab in the middle of a busy strip mall. We actually drive by it daily. We ignore their large beacon-like signs and really don’t pay attention to it. Thank God we don’t need it!!!
Over the years we went there a few times, with “minor issues”, but nothing life threatening. It’s convenient to go there instead of the main hospital.
It’s a small but effective facility. There is only one ER doctor and several nurses on each shift. Each time, after we signed in on the waiting list, we were seen immediately, administered care and sent on our way.
Today I drove past and to my shock, the Urgent Care facility was gone. In its place was a new business. I thought, “where do the people go now?” and “what if it’s a real emergency?” I highly doubt this new business was trained and ready to handle broken, bleeding and hurting patients. So they did what they could.
It was obvious that the new business was bombarded with those same exact questions. They posted the new address and phone number to the Urgent Care right on their entrance door. For everyone to see.

Forgive Us Father for We the Church can display large beacon-like signs of Our loyalty to Jesus on Our things and even on Our bodies, hoping to get the attention of the world. Yet sometimes We ignore and really don’t pay attention to You.

Forgive Us Father for We the Church really are the major local “hospital”. We typically don’t administer His Urgent Care of mercy and grace to people in Our local neighborhoods, government, schools and businesses.
We usually just help the people in Our Church.

Forgive Us Father for We the Church can think that by simply posting an address and phone number to Our local Church, it will solve the Urgent Needs of the local people. But sometimes We don’t recognize that We have THE solution too. And typically we are afraid to speak to others about it. (Romans 15:17-19)

Maybe We forgot that the Holy Spirit likes to be smack dab in the middle of our busy day. And smack dab in the middle of our very thoughts, words and actions.
(Romans 8:6)

Maybe we forgot that without the saving grace of Jesus, people are condemned to eternal death. It’s not a minor issue. It’s a life-threatening emergency.
And it requires Urgency on Our part. (Romans 6:23)

Maybe We forgot that the Holy Spirit posted His Salvation Message on Our hearts so that We can proclaim it to others (Acts 1:8)

You may be small. But You with Him You are effective.
Our Almighty God is the ER Doctor who works 24/7.
He doesn’t clock out, and He doesn’t take breaks.
But to effectively operate He needs You on His staff.
He expects You to administer His care to a broken, bleeding and hurting world.
He already has a waiting list of patients for You to see.
Because He knows You are the perfect person to reach them.
And You get to see people from all walks of life, immediately… (Those are called Divine Appointments.)
You get to care for them, the Holy Spirit will tell You exactly what to say and do.
You are His Urgent Care facility in Your Home.
In Your Neighborhood.
In Your City.
In Your State.
In Your Nation.
And throughout Your World.
For His Glory. For everyone to see!!!

Christians in this country to wake up and recognize that all the evil We continue to see unfold in the nation is called Sin. Sin is allowed to operate by powers and principalities. Sins wages are always death.  We have the One And Only answer to Sin. Pray Christians who have been silent about the good news of Jesus Christ will repent. We need revival here.

Christians to be Ministers of Reconciliation. To boldly and with confidence go to the local, state and federal government officials to pray for them and their staff.
They need hope.
(Romans 15:13)

Christians to be on the local college campuses. To seek out the professors. (They all have office hours) and to pray for them. Pray for their classes. Pray for their students. Pray for their salvation. Pray for that school. Walk through the campus and pray over that whole place!!! Pray that The Truth will be present and change the atmosphere.

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