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Jan 26

Tagged Out

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The street I grew up on was filled with dozens of kids, of all ages. We could go outside, any time and immediately find friends to participate in a baseball or football game. As the sun went down, we all knew our parents would open the door and call us in for supper. After supper, we couldn’t wait to go back outside to play. Our favorite game at night was called Ghost in the Graveyard. A frightening name for Hide and Seek, and a perfect setting for us kids. We wore dark clothes, so that no one could see us, or tell us apart.Continue reading

Jan 12

Killer Dog

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Many years ago we were fortunate to get a Rottweiler puppy. We named her KD.

KD stood for Killer Dog. KD really was the polar opposite of her name. The kids were very little and the innocent puppy was very gentle with them. We knew that we had to train her quickly, as she was growing fast. One of my favorite things to do was to go on a walk with our double stroller. I plopped the kids into their seats and strapped them in, baby in the back and the toddler in the front. Of course, KD wanted to come with us. I had a long leash and decided to train KD to walk right next to the stroller.  I cinched up her leash so she stayed in close.  As she got bigger, I had no choice but to wrap her leash around my waist, because she was getting stronger and harder to manage. But she didn’t seem to mind, and stayed the course. KD got encouragement from me and the kids would gently pat her back. She would occasionally sneak a kiss on the kids when we stopped for a break. We were quite the crew.Continue reading

Jan 04


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Sometimes you get the honor to be with someone who has recently
Experienced true loss.
Loss that is relational. Loss that is financial. Loss that is physical.
It really doesn’t matter. Loss is loss.
Gripping sadness. Overwhelming fear of the future.
Heartbreaking death. Tragic devastation.
You may not be able to exactly relate.
Because your losses are different.
But you get the privilege to look deep into the eyes of someone who has lost greatly.Continue reading