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Oct 27

Running Back

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One of my favorite sports is football. I played intramural flag football in college.
Our team was all women. We played on the same field that our college football team played. The men’s athletic dorms were right next to the field. Some of the college football players would come watch our games. Those guys were our friends. We loved the fact that they cared enough about our friendship that they decided to show up to our practices, teach us plays and cheer us on at the games. Even though they played a more violent version than we did, it was essentially the same game.

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Oct 16

Proven Faithful

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

They have their own intimate dining area. They have their own clean updated office. They have their own private parking space. They have their own trained paid staff. Their salary with benefits costs taxpayers a great price.
They have incredible power.
They have been elected into their position.
They are considered public servants.
They are Congress.
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