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Sep 09

Fight Back

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Not in the headlines.

Not mentioned in the newspapers or tabloids.  Not on TV or radio.

Not on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

You can’t find it anywhere online.

But it’s there and present.

It’s a bloodless vicious battle.

A Spiritual Invisible War.

On We The Church.


Unseen but Noticed Evidence.

A worldwide path of destruction.

It’s a relentless constant attack.

Specifically targeted and widespread disaster.

Home by home; block by block; city by city and throughout the nations.


Hits come.  Planned and Strategic.

Expected.  And Unexpected.


Special forces of darkness encroach our thoughts.

Appointed to infect doubt and bring us

To a desert of ineffectiveness.


Soldiers of evil storm our marriages and family.

Recruited to infiltrate hate and bring us

To a charade of perfect love.


Sergeants of hell invade our churches.

Assigned to deceive and bring us

To a compromise of the One and Only truth.


Generals of satanic destruction assail government.

Enlisted to give false hope and bring us

To a worship of idolatry.


Few fight back.

Few take a stand.

Few know how to survive.

Few understand the ultimate goal.

So We The Church are labeled as Ineffective, Loveless, Compromised, and Idolaters.

Not just by the world.

But by Almighty God.  The Alpha and Omega.

Ineffective: (Rev 3:15-17)

Loveless: (Rev 3:1,2)

Compromised: (Rev 2:12-15)

Idolaters: (Rev 2:4)

Forgive US God because maybe We forgot who Satan and his demons are:

Accountable to God.

Created beings.

NOT Omnipresent.

NOT Omnipotent.

Limited in abilities.  (Job 1:6,7)

NOT able to see into Your Future Destiny with Jesus. (Job1:9-11)

NOT able to do ANYTHING without the permission of God (Job 1:12)

Already defeated.  (Hebrews 2:14,15)


Forgive US God because maybe We forgot who Jesus IS:

The One and Only God. (John 1:14)

Creator. (Genesis 1:1) (Colossians 1:10)

Omnipresent. (Psalm 139:7-10)

Omnipotent.  (Luke 1:37)

Unlimited ability. (Ephesians 3:20)

Knows Your Future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Sovereign.  (Ephesians 1:19-21)

Victorious.  (John 16:33)

He Loves, rebukes and disciplines Us.

We are reminded to REPENT,

And are eager to possess His intimate Holy Spirit presence. (Rev 3:19)

So that We can be OVERCOMERS

AND Operate in His Power and with His Authority.


THEN His Holy Spirit will:

Encroach our thoughts by infecting them with His belief.

So We can:

Storm our marriages and family by infiltrating His love.

Invade our churches by disseminating His truth.

Assail our government with the true hope of His son, Jesus.


Let Him take back our lives, our homes, our blocks, our city, our nation.

And there will be NOTICED EVIDENCE worldwide of relentless, constant, specifically targeted, widespread, planned, strategic and expected REVIVAL. (Acts 2:16-21)


The world waits.

Let it start with You.



PRAY FOR:  Craig and I are starting Election Forums throughout Southern California this week.  Please pray that we can be effective servants of transformational power in each church.  We need an army of prayer warriors to lift us up as we go out.


PRAY FOR:  Pastors, Teachers and Leaders here to be filled with a fresh wind, fresh fire of the Holy Spirit.  That they would be sensitive to the voice of God regarding the spiritual climate of their congregations.  And not to be afraid to take action.


PRAY FOR:  Our friend Ken Joseph, in Kurdistan with the Iraqi Christian refugees.  So much is needed for their assistance.  Over 500,000 are now there.  He told us it would be like half of Mexico evacuating and coming into Southern California.  Needless to say, resources are scarce and funding to help these Christian brothers and sisters is necessary.  If you would like to sign our petition click here, to donate please do so through Paypal here.


PRAY FOR:  More opportunities to meet with powerful and influential people who do not know Jesus specifically to share the good news.  Politically God has opened some doors recently to have breakthrough discussions.  Pray these types of meetings continue.


PRAY FOR: Our business clients.  And our business in general.  We have been blessed with a great staff. Please pray for financial provision to overflow. Pray for new ventures and markets.


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Shelly Huey
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