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Mar 04

One Thing

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

I drove home from work about a month ago and pulled into the driveway.
I reached for the door handle to get out.  Still safely encircled inside the door panel, the handle just dangled lifeless; in my hand.  It was just barely hanging on.

I was totally shocked.  The power in that little handle failed.  There was no warning.
That handle is something that I take for granted, yet it’s so critical for the operation of the door.  So I sat there. ONE Thing kept me trapped, inside those walls of steel.
A simple fix, I pressed the unlock door button on the dashboard.
Then I rolled down the window.  I had to stretch awkwardly and reach my entire arm outside the door.  I opened the door from the outside.  What freedom!

Thank God I had the way out.  The next day I totally forgot about the broken handle and drove to work.  As time went on, it became a habit to avoid the nagging problem instead of fixing it.  Besides, I was too busy.  So I finally decided to make an appointment with my dealership and let them deal with that handle.

I just got my car back, and what a miracle, it works.

Forgive us God, that We the Church, are safely encircled in your powerful hand and yet sometimes we just dangle there, lifeless.  Barely hanging on.

Forgive us God, that We the Church, get into habits of avoiding nagging problems that make us feel awkward telling you about.  So we forget about your forgiveness.  And then we have a hard time forgiving others.

Forgive us God, that We the Church, take your “love that never fails” for granted.
And yet it’s the ONE Thing that is so critical for the operation of the body of Christ.

Maybe we forgot that Jesus never gives up on us. His love stretches beyond the locked doors of our sin. 1 Corin 13:7

Maybe we forgot that with the Holy Spirit, freedom is a simple fix.  We just need to press His unlock door button on the dashboard of our hearts. 2 Corin 3:17

Maybe we forgot that God the Father always gives us the One and Only way out, even when we have built up thick walls of steel-like pride.  And feel trapped. John 14:6

So drive home today and pull into the Holy Spirit driveway of hope.
Now is the time to make an appointment with your eternal Dealership.
Let Him deal with that lifeless handle on the door to Your heart.
It’s His power that works.  It will be a miracle.
So You can get out.  And tell others.
About Him.

PRAISE:  We had some great connections in the Bahamas @ the Global Financial Summit.  Craig was interviewed by Clint Watson on their TV station ZNS.  It was broadcast throughout the islands.  We are working on a few proposals from this conference. Please pray they turn into work orders!

PRAY:  We will be going back to the Bahamas later this month.  Please pray for divine appointments and opportunity for new business.  We have potential to meet with key national leaders and government leaders.  Craig will be doing a marketing seminar there for the local business owners.  Pray many come.  We want to give back to this amazing place. We will not charge for this event.

PRAY:  The National Gospel Choir of the Bahamas, Shaback will be doing a special recording event while we are there.  They travel internationally promoting the Bahamas.  The past few years they made a stop in LA and sang at the Dream Center, Faithful Central and other mega churches.  All proceeds from this event will be to keep youth from entering into crime/gangs.  Clint Watson is directing this event.  He is not only a nationally known broadcaster but a Pastor.  He has helped at-risk youth for many years.  Please pray that this event will glorify God and help transform the youth in the Bahamas.  Clint still needs financial resources to pull this off, pray they come in.

PRAY:  It’s the start of another Election Cycle!!! As we gear up for Election Forums, we need prayer for pastors and churches to “swing their doors open wide” for Craig and I to present what a Christian worldview is and to go over the ballot.  We are anticipating a large number of churches will be interested in this.  We are super excited to partner with Salt & Light Ministries as well.  If your church is interested in having us come speak, please contact me ASAP as spots are filling up fast.


Shelly Huey
Victory Update
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