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Feb 05

Drought Killer

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Last week we were in Mt. Shasta City.  Mt. Shasta was extraordinarily STELLAR.
But there was no snow. Normally this whole area is blanketed in white.
Driving around was a breeze. We didn’t need chains.

We went on roads that are impassable in the winter, and saw hidden things only the summer tourists get to see.  Lots of dried up riverbeds, and Shasta Lake was STRANGELY LOW. One road led us to crystal clear waterfalls.  It was still cascading and breaking through the rocks, despite the drought.

The town reflected the lack of tourists.  Store after store was for lease or closed.  Abandoned business.  Broken PLANS.  Streetlights flooded the empty sidewalks.

The local people were friendly, and each one mentioned how their town was “just getting by” or “barely hanging on”.   They were hoping for RECORD snowfall to make up for the loss.

Forgive us God that We the Church do not tell people that we know our extraordinary Jesus is stellar.  We feel we can’t because we are “just getting by” ourselves.  And we are “barely hanging on”.

Forgive us God that We the Church sometimes have a “lack of tourists” in our congregations Sunday mornings because our church is not reflecting the presence of the Holy Spirit.  In fact, that power is kinda dried up, like a drought.

Forgive us God that We the Church sometimes abandon Your perfect business plan of “Go and Do”.   And We don’t enter into the “impassable” roads of the lost lives around us.  So the impact we have on our local community is STRANGELY LOW.

Let the Holy Spirit cascade through your dried up riverbeds of PLANS.
Give Him that impassable road in the winter of your life, and let Him drive.
It will be a breeze.
You don’t need the chains of fear, anger and unbelief any longer.
He will break through your rocks of despair.
Because He is the drought killer.

And by His power He will overflow your waterfalls with Hope. (Romans 15:13)

Ask Him to fill you once again with His fresh wind and fresh fire. (Luke 11:13)

And like a summer tourist, He will show you hidden things. (Daniel 2:22-23)

With the Holy Spirit,
It’s crystal clear.
You are blanketed in His white robe of righteousness.
Extraordinarily STELLAR.
You are not abandoned, for lease, or closed.  (2 Corinthians 4:8-9)
You get to flood the streets of your town with His light.
You get to help Him make RECORD revival.
To seek and save the lost.

PRAY: The Mt. Shasta community of churches has been hit hard. Pastors are leaving, retiring and congregations are moving away.  Not only have the local towns felt a drought of business, the Church there is drying up. However, Pastor Bill of Weed Berean Church has vision for God to revive and enlarge his territory.  Pray for an abundance of revival (spiritual and financial) to fall down on that place.

PRAY: As I write this, we are in the Bahamas.  Craig is speaking at the Global Financial Summit here.  World leaders in business and the economy are speaking.  Pray for the local people to come attend Craig’s seminar. Pray for new business and divine appointments.

PRAY: Local churches in Southern California are being infiltrated with people that are proclaiming false doctrine.  Pray that Christians here are given the spirit of discernment and wisdom.  Pray for our Pastors as they are overseeing their flock to be alert and to speak truth in these situations.

PRAY: We met a track and field coach (Donnovan) yesterday from the islands of Turks and Caicos. He brought a team of high school boys to compete at an invitational in the Bahamas. Most of the boys’ parents are not around.  He and his wife have adopted and taken some of the boys in.  He said he reads his Bible every day and tries his best to be their mentor and father figure.  Pray for financial resources and connections for them.  They are “barely hanging on.”

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