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Jan 23

Case Closed

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Many of my friends are attorneys.  They practice law here in California and throughout the nation.  Some take on huge cases.  Some represent businesses.
Some represent individuals.  They handle lots of impossible people and impossible situations.
It doesn’t matter what they do, they are in court all the time.
Always efficiently representing their clients.
They know the judges personally.
And they know how the system works.
And boy do they have stories.  I’m always amazed at their caseloads.
They handle some pretty messy stuff.  Most of the time they win.
But sometimes they lose.
They never feel like their job is done, until the case is closed.

Thank you God, that We as the Church, have been called into Your abundant chambers.  Forgive us, that when we are called to be a witness for Jesus, sometimes we don’t.
So we stay seated comfortably in the courtroom of a compromised life.

Thank You God, that We as the Church, have the best attorney Jesus, who mediates on our behalf.  No matter what we have done, He represents us to the Father.
And HE does that all the time for FREE.
Forgive us that we forgot and we don’t quite rejoice in our trials.

Thank You God that We as the Church have an advocate that will stand up for us all the time.  Because as Christ followers we are on trial 24/7.  2 Tim 3:12
Forgive us that we forgot we are considered worthy to suffer.
And instead we complain.

You practice Christianity here in California and throughout the nation.
You may feel that God has given you huge cases.
Impossible people. Impossible situations.  Boy do you have a story.

Cancer, death, rebellious kids, cheating spouse, break-ups, disease, broken hearts.
But HE knew You could take it on.  With His strength You can do ALL things.

People that see you are always amazed at your caseload.
You handle some pretty messy stuff.

It’s because You decided that you want to be in Gods court all the time.
Because You know the Judge personally.
And You know your legal advocate Jesus intimately.
He always represents you efficiently.    Romans 8:34

You know how Gods system works.
In fact, You know the outcome of your case called life.
You Win.
All the time.
You have victory.  Psalm 108:13
Every day.
In everything.  Case closed.   Romans 8:28

Get on the witness stand Church!
Testify for Jesus in Your trial today!
Court is in Session.

Craig and I are travelling to Northern California to speak.  The topic is “12 Shocking Trends Impacting You and Your Family, Your Church and Christians, Your Religious Freedoms”.  We expect God to move in a mighty way.  This talk is powerful.  Pray for revival and mobilization.  Our vision is to take this talk throughout the state!  If your church is in need of a wake up call, contact me at and book us ASAP.  Time slots will fill up fast.

The beginning of February we will be in the Bahamas.  Craig is speaking at the Global Financial Summit.  Please pray for new business and divine appointments.  We will be having dinner with some key decision makers in government and media there.

PRAISE: Our first Youth Boot Camp was an amazing success!  We know the students that were trained will be taking their new advanced data and marketing skills to local California campaigns and utilizing them.  We are in the process of planning the next Boot Camp.  Pray for financial resources to support these camps.

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