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Apr 23

Semi Automatic Weapons

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

It seems like that’s all we hear about recently. No matter where you stand on the gun control issue, it’s a battle that is not going to go away.
And it’s not just a battle here.
Or in this State.  Or in this Nation. But it’s a battle throughout the World.

We Christians are armed with a semi automatic weapon.
But our semi automatic weapons aren’t the kind that you can buy at a store.
You won’t even see them advertised online. In fact, you can’t buy these semi automatic weapons on the streets.
What’s really cool, is that these weapons can’t be detected.
Even by the most sophisticated technology.
In fact, these weapons DEFY anything that man could create. (2 Corinthians 10:4)
The local police can’t set up a checkpoint to round these weapons up.
The FBI and Homeland Security can’t confiscate these weapons and take them away by force.
Oh, but these weapons are VERY REAL.
They do exist.  And we SEE the results of their use.
We are told to use these weapons without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
All day. All night. Anywhere. Anytime.
PRAYER. It’s the semi automatic weapon Christians have been given.
So powerful.  Such perfectly aligned sites.  So fast.  Always ready.
Everything you could ever want… to take down the tactics of the opposition.

You just need to pull the trigger.

Forgive us God, for We The Church have LOCKED UP our Semi Automatic weapon of Prayer in a super safe place.  And we only take that “prayer weapon” out, once in a blue moon, just to “dust it off”.  We look to see how it works, and put it back.

Forgive us God, for We The Church have turned our communities, schools, businesses and government into “Prayer Free Zones” and they remain unchanged by the transformational POWER of the Holy Spirit. And evil has been given the red carpet treatment to reign.

Forgive us God, for We The Church has been proud that we can point towards a “prayer time” scheduled on our church bulletin, and a handful of people attend.
Or worse, we plan a “prayer event” and think that the “event” will “get the job done”.

Forgive us God, for We The Church are so asleep, that it takes real weapons like guns and bombs to wake us up. And we do wake up. Temporarily activated.
Passionate enough to pray over that death, disaster or destruction.
Until its no longer on the news or twitter. And it fast fades into old news.
And we quietly drift back to sleep.

Maybe you are intimidated. Becuz you haven’t been trained how to handle the semi automatic weapon called prayer.  And you kinda feel paralyzed. Well, you are not alone. The disciples didn’t know how to use it either.  But they asked.  And they were taught.  (Luke 11:1-13)

Maybe you are afraid of its power. Becuz you know that when real semi automatic weapons are used haphazardly, they can wreak havoc.  Maybe you forgot that the Holy Spirit is a sharpshooter when it comes to prayer.  (1 Corinthians 2:13).
And you just need to follow His lead.

You were issued the semi automatic weapon of prayer the moment you enlisted in Gods Army.
Your weapon of prayer is strategically designed and intimately fit for you by Him.
You were given this intense tool to do battle with the forces of evil.
And those puny condemned forces of evil will TREMBLE. (James 2:19)

When properly used, your prayer weapon will fire specific bullets that:

Annihilate your fear, leaving His faith.
Wipe out your anger, leaving His joy.
Destroy your lust, leaving desire for Him.
Obliterate your hate, leaving His love.
Demolish your greed, leaving His generosity.
Bulldoze your depression, leaving His hope.
Bludgeon your lies, leaving His truth.
Smother your shame, leaving His honor.
Slaughter your pride, leaving His humility.

Strap that semi automatic weapon of prayer onto your side.
Don’t conceal that weapon any longer.
You have a permit to carry it.
Don’t leave home without it.
Use it. Whenever.  Wherever. To Whomever.
Transformation will start.
Not just here.
But in this State.
In this Nation.
And throughout the World.
And we will SEE the results.
And God will get the glory.

PRAISE: We hosted the California Republican Convention Prayer Breakfast last month in Sacramento. It was a packed house with representatives from throughout the state.  Craig gave a powerful presentation on the Evangelical and Catholic Vote (during which, he presented the gospel). I called them to their feet and everyone joined hands in a demonstration of UNITY. We prayed asking God to forgive us for ignoring Him, thinking we know what to do. We thanked Him for dying on the cross for our sins and saving us.  And we asked for His vision, His empowerment and His plan to descend on us, to bring this State back to Him.  The new CA Chairman was present as well as other elected officials.

Continue to pray for more opportunities like this throughout the State for us.

California is going to see revival soon!!!

PRAISE: Craig continues to be asked as a guest on FOX Business News/Neil Cavuto’s show.  Great unexpected opportunity. Getting to know the staff in the studios downtown. Great conversations. Pray for their salvation. Pray for more open doors in TV and Radio.  To God be the glory.

PRAY: For our company. For our employees. We need new business. Big Time.

PRAY: We will be joining Greg Laurie/Harvest Crusade @ the National Day of Prayer in Washington DC. (April 29-May 4)  Greg is the keynote speaker.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint His words in a powerful way.  Pray for divine appointments for Craig and I.  We plan to meet with Tony Perkins, David Barton, Jim and Shirley Dobson.  God is shaking up His Church in this country. We are believing for another Great Awakening.

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Apr 01

Backyard Beauty

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

A few months back, I was walking on a horse trail, it’s set in a valley and runs behind some of our neighbors homes.  Their backyards all slope down to the horse trail.

I love to be on that trail.  So isolated, serene and remote.  A true escape from reality. One yard caught my eye.  The owner was standing at the top of her yard, looking down on her property.   She was surveying it, making an assessment.  I yelled up at her “Hey, you have a beautiful yard!” She laughed out loud.  Her yard was covered with piles of dirt.  UNDEVELOPED land was just screaming for attention.  RATTY shrubs and REBELLIOUS brush had overgrown and entangled themselves in and amongst the trees.  Weeds were tall and abundant. Overturned wheelbarrows and yard tools lay scattered about.  This is why she laughed.  From her perspective that yard was a FORGOTTEN DISASTER. Neglected for too long, it was out of control.  This was a job for a clean up crew.  She yelled back “Yeah, you’re right and we have some work to do”.  I remembered this conversation as I saw her yard again today.

The weeds were gone, the dirt mounds removed, the ratty shrubs and rebellious brush were pulled out.   And a beautiful stone retaining wall had been erected.  The sloped yard was SECURE and PROTECTED.  The wall was POSITIONED exactly where it was needed to allow a stable path from her home to the horse trail.  It was a glorious work of art.  Perfectly PLANNED.  Noticed by everyone that walks by.

Forgive us God that we as the Church have a tendency to remain isolated, serene and remote when it comes to interacting with the lost.

Forgive us God that we as the Church like to live in the “escape from reality” mindset and ignore the ratty and rebellious people that are in desperate need of OUR showing the LOVE of Jesus to them.

Forgive us God that we as the Church are content with surveying and assessing the trends of Christianity in our culture and doing nothing about it.  1 John 3:18

Maybe it’s because we forgot that we have a beautiful life.  In Jesus.

Maybe it’s because we forgot that we have some work to do.  For Him.

Maybe it’s because we forgot that we really are UNDEVELOPED and have neglected for too long the power of the Holy Spirit.   1 John 2:20

Ask the landscaper of your destiny, Jesus, to remove ANY ratty, rebellious thing that has entangled itself in your heart.

Ask Him to yank out the tall and abundant weeds of despair that have taken over your life and outgrew your peace.

Ask Him to take away the mounds of dirt that have piled up in your mind and have darkened your thoughts.

You are NOT a forgotten disaster.  Let Jesus be your clean up crew.

You are NOT out of control.  God is in control.  Let Him be.

You are SECURE and PROTECTED.  Because of Him.

You have been given a stable path to walk on with a powerful message of grace to the world.  Walk on it.  Psalm 77:19

You are a glorious work of art.  In His eyes.  Psalm 139:13-18

You are perfectly planned.  Psalm 40:5

And best of all…His glory is noticed in You by everyone that walks by.  2 Corinthians 3:18

PRAY FOR:  Craig and Shelly will be hosting the Prayer Breakfast at the California Republican Convention in Sacramento this Sunday morning.  Elected officials and leaders of all faiths will be present. Craig will be doing a presentation on “The Evangelical/Catholic Vote”.  Shelly will be sharing a word and the gospel.  Pray for lives to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

PRAY FOR:  New business for our company.

PRAY FOR:  Radio/TV opportunity for Craig and Shelly to continue to inform and educate Californians about key issues.
Shelly Huey