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Jan 08

Camouflaged Operations

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Our son Cory was in the Army. When he came home, he lugged in large, green duffle bags of his belongings. I will never forget watching him SPILL OUT the pile of dirty uniforms and gear. He announced, “I’m warning you, mom, I’ve got a lot of laundry.” Strewn across the floor of his bedroom were shorts, t-shirts, belts, socks and shoes; all Army colors. EFFECTIVE coverings for everything.

I was amazed at the how every Army field issued item was SPECIFICALLY designed to blend in to the environment. Different battlefield conditions required different camouflage. Jungle, desert, and tundra; the Army has it all covered. They know exactly where to send the troops. They know exactly what to clothe them in, so they will not be DISCOVERED. Very STRATEGIC and very PLANNED operations. Infiltration into enemy territory with the intent to takeover is PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL. It would be really obvious if a solider was suited up for the jungle and was stationed in the desert. He would stick out like a sore thumb and be open for attack. What foolish tactics and how stupid that would be.

There is another force that EFFECTIVELY uses camouflage too.
The enemy of our spirit, soul and flesh. Satan. He and his demons execute very STRATEGIC and very PLANNED operations since the Garden of Eden.
How foolish and stupid are we to not see his tactics.
I guess we forgot that he is a master of disguise.

A king of camouflage.
And trust me, Satan as commander of evil, is suited up.
And his powers and principalities are dressed for battle as they are told.
And they are directed to the jungles of our cities. Directed to the deserts of our loneliness. Directed to the tundra’s of our hearts.

Not just personal attack. But PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL Cultural attack.
SPECIFICALLY designed camouflage to blend into our environment.
So they will not be DISCOVERED.Satan knows EXACTLY where to send his troops.
Into our government, our businesses, our churches, our homes and yes, our schools.

Forgive us God, for being caught unaware, because Satan camouflages himself as an Angel of Light, and he purposefully and intentionally deceives us. 2 Corin 11:14

Forgive us God, for allowing unholy deceptions and alliances; driven by those satanic forces, to infiltrate and infect our government, businesses, churches and yes, our schools.

Forgive us God, that we forgot Satan is the Father of lies. John 8:44
Satan loves to twist truth. Satan acknowledges who You are. In fact, Satan even knows Your word and will quote it…out of its context. Matthew 4:6-7

Forgive us God, for not strategically fighting the powers and principalities of this world, and fall back, as they gain control.

Forgive us God, for our tendency to follow the world and its concept of who Satan is…a marginalized, red suited, innocuous, pitch forked cartoon.

And we become horrified and weep when his planned operations come to fruition.

Infiltrating our territory with the intent to takeover.
To steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10
And he does. Not just in Newtown. But in Yourtown. Not just in their school. But in your school. Not just affecting their community. But affecting your community.
Not just affecting their homes. But affecting your home.

Jesus said, unless we Repent from our wicked ways, we too will perish. Luke 13:5
When you confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, you get a brand new uniform.
It’s Issued by God, the General of the Army of Righteousness.
It covers you from head to toe. Nothing can take it away.
Nothing can steal it from you. Nothing can destroy it. Isaiah 61:10

So bring home to Jesus those large, green duffel bags of your dirty laundry.
Lug them in and SPILL IT OUT onto the Throne of our Almighty God.
He will take all of it. And make it eternally clean. 1 John 1:9

You are dressed for battle. You are a more than a conqueror. Romans 8:37-39
You are deployed PURPOSEFULLY and INTENTIONALLY to transform this world for Jesus Christ and His kingdom. He knows EXACTLY where to send you.
You are perfectly fitted with His power that breaks through any tactic Satan plans.
Slap on His strength to conquer the kingdom of darkness through prayer.
Embrace His authority to proclaim a LIFE changing gospel to a deceived, defiant world of hopelessness through you.
You are on the winning team, Satan and his powers and principalities were already defeated when Jesus rose from the dead.
His words in your mouth will penetrate hearts like a double-edged sword. Bringing conviction and repentance.

With Him you will melt the tundra hearts in your home.
With Him you will water the deserts of loneliness in your community.
With Him you will untangle the jungles of deception in your school, business and government into a place of where the Prince of Peace will once again be invited in.

Get your gear. Be on your guard. Get out in the world.
Stronger, mightier, more powerful, more vast and more glorious is our Army.

The Army of our Almighty God. 1 John 4:4

Fight on!

PRAY FOR: As people nationwide turn their attention away from Newtown and it’s pain, the churches there will continue to be in intense recovery mode. Pray specifically for Newtown Bible Church. Pastors Joey Newton and Parker Reardon have been on the frontlines nonstop. Pray for them. Especially their wives and children,as their time with them has been very limited. This church has been equipped before this event took place with these mighty warriors at its helm. Pray for their continued compassion and perseverance in the midst of this storm.

PRAY FOR: Worship/Praise Night at Kings Harbor Church (map) on January 11!
Starts at 7pm. Pray our local churches, pastors, leaders and you and your friends will be draw to this opportunity. Mark your calendar and join us lifting up Praise to Our Almighty God!

Kings Harbor Church:
23915 Garnier Street,
Torrance, CA 90505