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Nov 14

Fly Over

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Approaching the city of Los Angeles and landing at LAX is something I’ve done hundreds of times.

At night and during the day it really LOOKS THE SAME. EXPANSIVE. As far as the eye can see. OVERWHELMING mass of intertwining freeways. CONTINUAL stretches of buildings and homes. If you don’t know the area you would think that it’s one NEVER ENDING metropolis. Landings on a jumbo jet are quick, efficient and quite luxurious. No one really discusses the pilot’s “LANDING EXPERIENCE” unless it is an unusual thing involving EXCESSIVE turbulence, a bumpy landing or the rare crash.

A few weeks ago I got a new perspective. I was a passenger in a small plane. The approach coming into Los Angeles was quite different. We flew way below the jumbo jets. We got a much more EXTENDED, PRIVILEGED glimpse at the city. Our DESCENT was longer than normal. It really gave us a chance to TAKE IT ALL IN. We sat back and watched closely as the neighborhoods passed by. I saw things that I have NEVER SEEN before. Right where we live. I felt like I knew the city a little bit better having seen it UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. Eventually, we gently glided to a graceful landing.

Statistics show that the average lifespan of a nation is 200 years.

Our DESCENT as a nation is longer than normal. In the scheme of planes, the USA has been perceived by the world like a jumbo jet… quick, efficient and luxurious. But now, it’s near it’s last stage of decline. Overnight it became clear that our nation shifted from apathy and moral decay to dependency. The next, and last stage, of a declining society is to slide from dependency to bondage. There are two possible outcomes going forward if we reflect on similar declines of Ancient Greece and Rome. Either internal takeover by a dictator or takeover by an outside source. When the people are divided, dependent and bankrupt, we become easy prey.

And what does a Holy, Just God see when He “flies over” our nation?
An OVERWHELMING mass of intertwining sin?
EXPANSIVE wickedness…as far as the eye can see?
CONTINUAL stretches of His people and their homes being corrupted by sin.
A NEVER ENDING metropolis of depravity?

Dear God forgive us as a nation for mocking Your authority over us. And allowing things You detest, defy You and Your laws; to consume and rule us.

Dear God forgive us that as Your Church we are silent about Sin, Judgment and Hell, and pretend they don’t exist. And believe that the only aspect of Your personality to discuss with anyone is Your Love.

Dear God forgive us
for assuming that just because we are sinners saved by grace that we no longer sin. And we really should be challenged to “cast the first stone”. To those whose “sin” looks worse than ours. John 8:7

We need a new perspective. And fast. We don’t have time to sit back and watch our neighbors pass by the opportunity to know who Jesus really is. We need to see things that we have never seen before. Right where we live.

Open our eyes God.

We “Christians” need to experience an eventful, unusual and rare landing.
One where we come CRASHING face down at the feet of Jesus. James 4:8


A landing of our EXPANSIVE Pride. James 4:6
A landing of our EXCESSIVE apathy. Romans 1:21
A landing of our selfish greed. James 4:4
A landing of our INTERNAL depravity. Romans 1:28
A landing of our unwillingness to call out SIN, in ourselves to others. James 5:16

Don’t worry… He will take it ALL in. John 1:29

And wow when we actually see our sin for what it is…we grieve, moan and wail. Our laughter turns to mourning and our joy to gloom. James 4:9

Then and only then…

Jesus will show you things that you have NEVER SEEN before about His Love, and His Unstoppable Forgiveness. And You will feel like you know Him a little better having seen Him UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. An EXTENDED and PRIVILEGED glimpse at an Almighty Holy God.

Humbled. He will lift You Up. To Revival. James 4:10

Bring it on God.

WE need it.

We don’t want to LOOK THE SAME.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Shelly and Evan as they unwind from this amazing campaign. In the worlds eyes, this was a loss. But, we know that this was a gain in the eyes of Jesus. Philippians 3:8-10
Please pray for guidance, direction and vision. There is much to be done for the kingdom.

PRAY FOR: The Huey Report, Reality Alert, Election Forum,, Precinct Prayer will all continue. Pray the people that are currently on these databases will be encouraged by the communications. Pray that the readers will remain activists with a vision to see transformation within their communities.

PRAY FOR: The many lives that were touched by this campaign throughout this county and state. We were privileged to have an incredible snapshot of what God is doing in His church throughout Southern California. Campaign Updates to follow.

Nov 06

Close Call

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

Anyone that lives here in the United States has heard about the presidential election today for a LONG TIME.

Broadcasts on TV, radio, social media and newspapers are consumed 24/7 by the race. Boldly blasting it all the time. They just have to tell us every little detail. Back and forth the polls have shown that this race is “TOO CLOSE TO CALL” or is “TIED” or might require a “RECOUNT”.

Eventually, one candidate will MAKE IT. And he will have the authority to sit in the office that leads this country.

What a huge responsibility. What an honor. What an amazing platform to be on, to have the title that unlocks doors of opportunity here and across the world. To be an ambassador for freedom, justice and liberty. To humbly serve the people.

Jesus and Satan have been engaged in a battle for a LONG TIME too.

It started in the Garden of Eden.

I’m not too sure that everyone living here in the United States has heard about that.

Forgive us God that we Christians are not consumed 24/7 with your transformational truth. So much so that we just have to tell others the good news. Every little detail of it.

Forgive us God that we Christians are afraid to boldly blast truth and love on secular TV, radio, social media and newspapers. Because when a Christian does, they get “beat up” and hated.

Forgive us God that we forgot that when You were here, You were right in the middle of the political and religious powers teaching and preaching truth.

And that you got beat up and spit on and were dragged to your death.

Jesus final earthly battle with Satan was finished on the cross.

Jesus didn’t “TIE” Satan. Jesus didn’t just MAKE IT. He stomped on Satan’s neck.

Jesus defeated death. Once and for All. Overcame impossible odds.

Life over death. Ultimate obvious victory.

His death and resurrection were not “TOO CLOSE TO CALL”.

His death and resurrection didn’t require a “RECOUNT”.

His authority sits over the office of every elected official. Not just here. But in every place throughout the world. He is sovereign and in control of ALL things. Eph 1:22

And if You know Jesus as Savior and Lord, then You have His authority in Your life. You were elected when HE called Your name. Making You a representative of the Almighty God.

What a huge responsibility.

What an honor.

What an amazing platform to be on.

To by His power be able to unlock doors of opportunity here and across the world. To be His ambassador for true freedom in Jesus, His justice and His liberty. To humbly serve the people.

You are on the winning team.

Jesus IS. Rev 1:8

The enemy IS NOT. Rev 17:8

PRAY FOR: To God be the Glory, Great things HE has done through this campaign.