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Feb 15

Monitored Perfection

By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

I had to navigate through the sea of wheelchairs, canes, walkers and oxygen tanks just to sign in.

Everyone in the waiting room was somehow COMPROMISED. The cardiologists must be really good because they are in high demand. I was there waiting for a stress test/echogram of my heart. Eventually, I was escorted to the “Stress Test” room. Electrodes were stuck on my chest that read and saw my heart and its activity.

I laid there and watched my heart beat. I recognized that I couldn’t tell it to stop.
I couldn’t tell it to slow down. I couldn’t tell it to speed up. I can’t control it. It just keeps on beating. I completely IGNORE my heart and all the VITAL work that it does. I take it for GRANTED.

I FORGET about the fact that it pumps life through my veins. NECESSARY. Every second. Every day. All the time. I got to see each heartbeat on that monitor. I was overwhelmed by the purposeful and intentional design of our Creator.

So Perfect. So Miraculous. So Powerful.

We the Church are hooked up to electrodes too. Only instead of just sticking to the outside of our body on our chest…our electrodes are stuck to our Spirit and Soul as well.

Holy Spirit Electrodes invaded our very being when we decided to hand over Control of our life to Jesus Christ. Electrodes were graciously and mercifully placed on our flesh, our will, our emotions, our thoughts, our destiny. Electrodes whose current delivers perfected POWER that transforms us to be like Jesus.

So…. Why are we trapped by the wheelchairs of fear?

Why are we contained by the walkers of anxiety?
Why are we thwarted by the canes of depression?
Why are we slowed down by the oxygen tanks of despair?

To the world, most of us look like the cardiologists waiting room.

Sometimes we lead compromised lives.
Sometimes we are not freed up.
Sometimes we take our new life in Christ for GRANTED.

Oh the Holy Spirit is there, but we really don’t pay attention to His move in our life. In fact, the Holy Spirit sometimes becomes like our heartbeat. NECESSARY but IGNORED. VITAL but FORGOTTEN.

But we have the POWER of God racing through our veins.

The same POWER that can move mountains.
The same POWER that parted the Red Sea.
The same POWER that rose Jesus from the dead.

We have a miraculous continual work in us…perfecting us. To say and do more than we can imagine or think. Because of what Jesus did for us and to bring Him glory.

I think I hear the sound of falling crutches, canes and wheelchairs.

Rise up Church.

Walk unhindered with the Holy Spirit POWER racing through your veins.

Every second.
Every day.
All the time.