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Dec 21


By shellyhuey | Uncategorized , Victory Update

The breakfast of Champions.

It’s hard to believe that this cereal has been around such a long time…since 1924. If you weren’t aware, Wheaties was discovered by an accident. The wheat bran mixture spilled out onto a hot stove and created a flat flakey mess. It took Millers and Bakers 36 attempts of HARD WORK to STRENGTHEN and SHAPE the wheat flakes so they could withstand PACKAGING and be SHIPPED.

Wheaties also learned the influence of using professional athletes to promote their cereal. Over the years they used an athlete’s picture and testimonial about the cereal on the front cover of the box. If you have ever followed sports, you would RECOGNIZE the athletes on the box. They are GIANTS in their sport. HOUSEHOLD NAMES. Getting your picture on a box of Wheaties is an HONOR.

Wheaties research team claims that the cereal PROVIDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED nutritionally. Power… Strength…Endurance. But it’s because of the athletes’ influence that the American consumer continues to buy the cereal.

And sometimes you are just like those delicious flakes of cereal.

Sure you may feel like your circumstances right now are an accident.
Sure you may feel like your circumstances right now are a flat flakey mess.
Sure you may feel like everything that is required of you is HARD WORK.

MAYBE you feel like you have been ground up in a mill too many times.

BUT through the years…
God has been SHAPING you.
God has been STRENGTHENING you.
God has been developing your testimony.

He has been doing this so that you can withstand the PACKAGING process, and prepare you so HE can SHIP you out.

So….NO MORE BUTS, God has created a champion. YOU.

And just like that professional athlete…
In Gods eyes YOU are a GIANT in your world. That’s why He has placed YOU there.
In Gods eyes YOU are able to be RECOGNIZED. Because of His Omniscience.
In Gods eyes YOU are pictured as a PROFESSIONAL. Worthy of being shown off. Because of His Omnipotence.

God has YOUR picture on His box of Wheaties!

What an Honor!

YOU have Power through His Holy Spirit to clean up the flat flakey mess you are in.
YOU have Strength to Endure the hard work…so
YOU can withstand the PACKAGING of Gods glory…so
YOU can be SHIPPED out anywhere.

So get outta the cereal box of a tasteless cardboard life.
He wants to Pour You Out on a lost and dying world.
They are hungry for breakfast.

YOU are a Champion. Feed them Gods love. They will want more.

PRAY FOR: Craig and his campaign team as they continue to make donor calls and schedule speaking events for Craig.

PRAY FOR: Amazing opportunity and platforms for Craig to speak in 2012. He wants to reach as many voters as possible.

PRAY FOR: Pastors here in then South Bay as they look towards 2012. Pray they will have a powerful and intentional vision for the “Church” here. Pray for them to be excited for what the Holy Spirit has in store for Christians here. Pray for them to be encouraged, lifted up and refreshed… Ready to be used in a Mighty way.