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Oct 30

Fresh Fire

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Fresh Fire is not only the title of a powerful book by Jim Cymbala, but also what we want to see happen here in the South Bay. A fresh wind and fresh fire of the Holy Spirit that overtakes and deeply penetrates Christian’s hearts. We want to see Christians here become unstoppable, believing in an uncontainable God.

Ever since Craig and I followed the Lords leading to run for Congress in March, we have had a passion to see the church here UNIFY for the cause of Jesus Christ.

We saw incredible things take place during the special election. Craig was able to speak at churches almost every weekend for the four months of campaigning. We had two pastor breakfasts with over 40 pastors participating, most of which did not know each other. After the election in July, we had a Night of Praise at our home. Over 100 people came representing 25 different churches. We are so humbled by the movement of the Holy Spirit here and throughout The Church as a whole. We are blown away that God would choose to continue to work through us in such amazing ways.

During the campaign, Craig expressed the desire to many churches and groups to introduce a bill for a National Day of Repentance. We know that God works in mysterious ways and grants us the desires of our hearts. We also know that His timing is always perfect. Despite a loss in the general election, the passion to pursue a South Bay Day of Repentance was ignited.

The momentum isn’t over, it’s just beginning. The Holy Spirit is IGNITING churches throughout the South Bay. It’s so exciting to watch how God is working through different ministries and churches. We have the special pleasure of hearing from many pastors, the passion of their hearts and the movement of the Holy Spirit in their congregation. Their is recognition and zeal that repentance is not just for their individual church but also for The Church as a whole.

Hearing and seeing the Holy Spirit moving in the body of Christ is really what inspires and motivates me. I’m sure that you feel the same way. In fact, when you meet someone that is passionate and unashamed of the gospel, its contagious.

Well, on Tuesday Nov 1st, you have an opportunity to surround yourself with the body of Christ. The Church in the South Bay is unifying…for one purpose.

To repent.

We have over 15 churches committing to participate. These churches know that this is not about their church. It’s about The Church. We as a church body have allowed our lives to become infected.

Infected with the world.
Infected with fear.
Infected with doubt.
Infected with anxiety.
Infected with disappointment.
Infected with depression.
Infected with anger.
Infected with shame.

We want to get cleaned up. We need a deep cleansing. A detox of the Holy Spirit. God wants to use US here in the South Bay. He wants sold out, unashamed Christians HERE to rain down purity, hope, belief, peace, joy and freedom to a lost, dying and condemned South Bay.

We expect miracles.
We expect revival.
We expect a fresh wind, fresh fire

Visit for the details for the gathering tomorrow.

PRAY FOR: Many people to come broken before the Lord and find immediate restoration and hope.

PRAY FOR: Pastors and leaders to receive a fresh wind, fresh fire anointing on their lives as they humble themselves before our Almighty God.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Shelly and Evan for protection, wisdom and humility as they continue to finalize details for the Day of Repentance.

PRAY FOR: Good Community Church who has graciously hosted this miraculous time. GCC is located in Torrance, a central location in the South Bay, and one of the fastest growing Korean churches in LA. The ethnically diverse churches that are coming is incredible! Pray attendees will be encouraged by seeing the body of Christ, The Church, gathered in UNITY and LOVE.

PRAY FOR: For every church represented and that a foundation of repentance will be established on Tuesday night. That each church and individual attending will enjoy our Almighty Gods complete restoration and finally that each church will have hope for their congregation to obediently expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Oct 24

Puddle Jumpers

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Every once in a while Craig and I have the opportunity to fly in planes that are 16 seats or less. We have been over jungles, oceans, deserts and mountains in these baby planes. And every time so far we have departed out of small airports. Except on Friday…we left out of LAX. I had never heard of the airline, or if I saw their sign I ignored it.

The tiny ticket counter was tucked away in a corner. When it was time to board, we walked out the door, down some steps and onto the tarmac. As we approached the plane, the pilot was standing next to it, waiting to greet us. The pilot checked our seat belts and entered the cockpit. We could see EVERYTHING he did.

We started to taxi. Once we got out to the runway, I looked out the window down onto the runway. Huge arrows were on the runway, but they were pointing in the opposite direction. I said to Craig “What is this pilot doing? He’s going the wrong direction!” The other five passengers noticed too and started getting worried.

We felt super small. Big Cargo jets surrounded us. Those jets were so intimidating. Everyone on our little plane were looking TOWARDS the pilot to see what he would do.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the pilot SLOWED down at the end of the runway, came to a STOP, and did a U turn…then he took off. We were in the air WITHIN SECONDS. Small but Mighty, we left those Big Cargo jets in the dust. I guess the pilot knew what he was doing. It’s his job every day to control that little puddle jumper.

Maybe you feel small.
Maybe no one really has heard of you.
Maybe you are ignored.
Maybe you feel tiny and tucked away.

You may have opened that door to walk out to meet Jesus.
You may have walked down those steps of faith.
You may have stepped onto the tarmac of eternity.
And Pilot Jesus was there to greet you.

Your eyes were on Him as you approached the journey of your life.
Your eyes were on Him as He seat belted you into His Mercy and Grace.
Your eyes were on Him as He stepped into the cockpit of your destiny.

But somewhere during the taxi of your journey, you looked out your window. You looked down onto the runway. You took your eyes off of Pilot Jesus and if someone were to fly over your life they would see…A jungle of decisions. A desert of hope. A ocean of emotions. A mountain of stress.

So you question God. What is He doing? He’s going the wrong direction with my life! In fact, everywhere you look there are Big Cargo jets filled with your problems. Surrounding you. Intimidating. You start getting worried.

So, if you see the end of your runway approaching, SLOW DOWN. Come to a STOP. Look towards Jesus. He wants you to be STILL in Him. Psalm 46:10

Remember He is in control of EVERYTHING. Give that control back to Him. Take that U turn. You will breathe a sigh of relief. And WITHIN SECONDS He will lift you up. And be ready to leave those Big Cargo jets of problems in the dust.

Please pray for South Bay Day of Prayer and Repentance Nov 1st @ 6-8 pm
Go to the website for details. There are many churches from around the South Bay that plan on attending.

Oct 17

Jump Out

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When we were in Greece a few weeks ago, we saw the Corinthian canal. This canal was built back in the day to allow big ships to connect from a gulf to a sea. It’s a shortcut. Its only 4 miles long, and one bridge crosses over it. The scary thing about this canal is it’s so steep and NARROW. When I stood on the bridge, I was afraid to look down. But the scariest thing was what we discovered rigged up under the bridge. Bungy jumping. The bungy jumpers were lined up anxiously waiting their turn to JUMP OUT. We had to stick around and watch, but stood WAY BACK. These people were CRAZY! THERE’S NO WAY I WOULD EVER DO THAT. That’s insane.

We watched the first guy get strapped in. The cables were really strong. Super thick. They would never come undone. His whole body was supported. After he was harnessed up, the guide walked him out to the platform where he was going to jump. The guide told him “get out as close as you can to the edge”. The jumper was very hesitant at first, but his buddies who were waiting encouraged him to DANCE around to loosen up. The jumper even dabbled close to the edge and stuck his toe over. He finally did jump and everyone watched and listened as this grown manly man screamed like a girl. His body plummeted to the bottom of the canal until he actually TOUCHED the water.

Born again Christians know that the gulf of their sin can only be crossed by the bridge of Jesus Christ.
Born again Christians know that the Way of Jesus is NARROW and sometimes it’s scary and steep.
Born again Christians get real support from the body of believers.
Born again Christians are strapped into Gods grace with thick, strong cords that never come undone.

So why do we dance around as close as we can to the edge of sin?

Why do we dabble with sin and stick our toe in now and then?
Why do we stick around and watch other Christians get caught up in sin and do nothing?
Why do we stand WAY BACK and think that “THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD DO THAT!

God forgive us for the pride that we think we got our stuff together.
God forgive us for the pride that we think we are above the sin that used to catch us.
God forgive us for the pride that we think that no one sticks around and watches us.
God forgive us for the pride that we think when we fall we won’t scream like a little girl.

Jesus wants you to not just TOUCH His living water, but to drink it in and swim in it.
Jesus wants you to be so CRAZY in love with Him that you will DANCE.
Not on the edge of His glory, but smack dab in the middle of it.

So, don’t hesitate, JUMP OUT into the canal of Jesus forgiveness.

Oct 13

Red Envelopes

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Car payments, mortgage payments, credit cards, electricity, cell phone, cable TV, gas, water, trash.

Why me?

I hate DOING bills. It can be such a royal pain. It never fails; every day bills BOMBARD the mail. I feel like I’m in the middle of a RELENTLESS cycle of debt. If the bills are not in the snail mail, then they appear in the email. They always show up. Bills are never late, always on time… begging to be acknowledged.

When we travel, I have the snail mail stopped and I don’t reply to emails. I usually IGNORE them. So when I get back, I have a sea of paperwork to DIVE INTO, so much that I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Every once in a while, a bill will fall through the cracks. I either didn’t SEE IT or I FORGOT about it. Then I get a red envelope in the mail that CATCHES MY ATTENTION. If not the mail I get a phone call, alerting me as a “friendly reminder”.

Maybe you decided to STOP the love of Jesus from entering your world.
Maybe you decided to IGNORE His messages of love that appear in your life.
Maybe you decided that you hate “DOING” your life. It can be such a royal pain.

Sometimes we let His love “fall through the cracks” of our life.
Sometimes we do not SEE His love
Sometimes we FORGET about His love.

And sometimes that “red envelope” gets delivered.

That warning.

That “something” that CATCHES OUR ATTENTION.

Or maybe it’s a phone call. The call you never wanted to receive. The problem is that we don’t do well with warnings and alerts.
We usually respond… Why me?

Jesus has many ways of calling us back to Him when we travel away. And He always has a sea of love waiting for us to DIVE INTO. Allow yourself to get BOMBARDED by the Love of Jesus.

Every day.

Like those bills, Jesus always shows up. He’s never late. He begs to be acknowledged. He has placed YOU in the middle of His RELENTLESS cycle of love.

So much love that you can’t wrap your mind around it.

Oct 03

Tailor Made

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If you have ever been measured for a suit you know that every measurement is accurate. If you buy that same suit off the rack then a tailor will carefully make adjustments so it will fit you perfectly. The tailor will not make a mistake, given the right measurements, and that suit will fit you better than any other off the rack suit will. You can’t even compare a tailor made to others. When you wear that suit…people notice. And they usually are impressed how BECOMING you are.

Jesus promises that we will have trials. We all get a rack of them. Job loss. Divorce. Death. Rebellious kids. Empty marriages. Financial destruction. Heartbreaks. Disease.

What we don’t understand is that those trials are tailor made just for us.
What we don’t understand is that those trials are carefully adjusted just for us.
What we don’t understand is that those trials are accurately measured just for us.
By the Master Tailor Jesus.

He knows the measurements of YOUR form. He knows the design of YOUR soul.

His measurements are always right.

He was there, knew YOU and what YOU could endure before YOU were born.

He knows where YOU are now in that trial.

And what YOU will BECOME when YOU are through it.

He gave YOU that trial. Perfectly designed for YOU.

Because He knew YOU could handle it.

He wouldn’t give YOU a trial that wouldn’t fit YOUR form and design.

So stop comparing your trial to other peoples trials.

YOU were designed for greatness.
YOU were designed for an abundant life.
YOU were designed for His glory.

YOU are BECOMING more like Jesus. Trials are part of the plan.
YOU may not see it, but YOU are wearing that perfectly designed trial right now.

So perfectly designed for YOU that other people notice.

And when they notice, allow them to be impressed by what YOU are becoming.

Because YOU will reflect the handiwork of Jesus.

And He will get the glory.

PRAY FOR: The church in Southern California to become Christ like, and not to be ashamed of the gospel.

PRAY FOR: The timing of public announcements for Craig running in 2012. Private announcements were made towards the very end of last week and will continue this week.

PRAY FOR: South Bay Day of Repentance. We are in the process of confirming the date. We also are putting together materials for pastors/churches/organizations to use to inform the people. We want this event to unify the church for the cause of Jesus Christ.

PRAY FOR: Continued guidance for Craig, Shelly and Evan as they seek the Lord for His vision for their team of warriors. (Business, Gov’t, Education and Church leaders.

Shelly Huey