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Jun 23

Fire – Prayer Update for Craig Huey

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Hello everyone,

I want to share something that is deep in the heart of Shelly and I.  This may sound very simple and obvious but here it is anyway.  We want this victory to bring God glory.  We want it to be clear to everyone that this victory is His!  Here’s what we mean.

We have a lot of work going into this campaign by a lot of wonderful people but, more than any person, team or strategy, we want everyone to know that this victory is attributed to The Lord.  When the announcement is made that Craig Huey is now our Congressman we imagine many heads looking at the ground shaking back and forth in wonder asking how this happened.  We can already hear the questions from the media asking how could this be possible.  The nation will wonder how a conservative Christian could have possibly won in liberal California.  Many people think this victory is impossible, but we know that what is impossible to man is possible with God.

In prayer yesterday we were reminded of the David and Goliath story. We were reminded that in spite of all the mocking and threats that David clearly won the battle and won it decisively!

Please join us in prayer for a clear and decisive victory to God be the glory!


Saturday June 25th, 8:00am to 9:00am (712) 432-0085 code 6149782#


Campaign Headquarters – 23211 Hawthorne Blvd. in Torrance (7am-8am)

Director of Faith Based Coalitions


  • 400 Block/Precinct Captain.
  • Pray for an army of volunteers to walk the neighborhoods and make calls.
  • Pray that together we completely cover our South Bay with yard signs.
  • Increase in finances.
  • Wisdom for everyone involved with the campaign.
  • Pray that God’s love will be evident throughout all we do.
  • Pray updates spread to tens of thousands throughout the nation



With it you can SEE.  With it you can DO WORK.  With it you can ACCESS lines of COMMUNICATION.

Yesterday our business office building didn’t have electricity for an hour and a half.  Our employees were in the dark.  Then the FIRE ALARM came on.  This time it wasn’t an alarm.  It was an actual FIRE.

Torrance Fire Department cleared the building. Everyone was safe.  Nothing in our offices was damaged. They said the unofficial cause was electrical. The circuits were overloaded.  In an attempt to reboot, the system caught on fire. 

Well here in District 36, FIRE ALARMS have been going off for 11 years.

District 36 has been without electricity. 

Voters here have been in the DARK too long.

Voters here have SEEN jobs move out. 

Jobs here are hard to find. 

Voters do not feel safe.

A lot of damage has been done in 11 years.

And most pathetic of all, is the elected career politicians that represent District 36 do not COMMUNICATE to the people. They do not hear their cries. They do not hear their hopelessness.  They do not care about the voice of the people.  The lines of communication have been shut down for a long time.

But there is a FIRE starting here. 

We saw it start several months ago…the fire of enough is enough! We are seeing the fire of passion for life. The fire of passion for liberty.  The fire of passion for opportunity.

The FIRE of revival.

Craig is a fire starter. He has set a spark on this dry and thirsty land.  And its catching flame. The firefighters are being called in to try and put it out. 


In fact, this FIRE is unstoppable.

AND in the next few weeks, this FIRE will RAGE.

Expect a firestorm of REVIVAL to sweep DISTRICT 36.  The world will see it.  And know that God is the “I AM“.

PRAY for:

PROTECTION: Craig, Shelly and kids and campaign staff.  Its literally a war we are in. The battle belongs to the Lord.

FAVOR: Everything we do, receive favor. Everything thrown against us BACKFIRES!

RESOURCES: TV/RADIO costs big bucks, which we DON’T HAVE.  Pray it comes in!

Be launched in His love, 


Jun 01

Prayer Update – Precious and Propped up

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Hello everyone,

Obeying God’s call to run for Congress has been one amazing journey.  We have to make calls, answer calls, raise money, create mailers, film videos, talk to the media, write press releases, plan events, make flyers, walk neighborhoods, coordinate volunteers, to get the masses to vote on July 12th.  The Lord is sending us amazing people and is clearly leading this enormous effort.  He has put us in a position of dependence on Him, which you and I know is the best place to be.  We have been asking Him to be glorified since day one and this victory will do just that.  This victory will be a testimony to Him for us here in the South Bay and throughout the country.

The South Bay is waking up!  We have an explosion of volunteers coming in to help all through the day and yard signs are flying out of headquarters.  We also have more and more people praying for this election, and we now believe our prayer updates are being forwarded to thousands of believers throughout the nation! 

Please continue to pour our your hearts to the Lord for this election, but more importantly for God’s people to engage the South Bay like never before.  We are praying for more than a victory on July 12th, but an awakening in God’s people that will move like a rising tide through our South Bay that spreads out to all of America.

Team Huey thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Director of Faith Based Coalitions


  • 400 Block/Precinct Captain.
  • Pray for an army of volunteers to walk the neighborhoods and make calls.
  • Pray that together we completely cover our South Bay with yard signs.
  • Increase in finances.
  • Wisdom for everyone involved with the campaign.
  • Pray that God’s love will be evident throughout all we do.
  • Pray updates spread to tens of thousands throughout the nation


Craig and I visited a friend on Sunday.  He and his wife have been married longer than I have been alive.  What a commitment.  What an honor to be in their presence.

This phase of their journey together has been a rough road.

She has Alzheimer’s.

When I saw her Sunday she was carefully propped up in an armchair.  Her head was arched back, and she was sleeping.  As our friend lovingly held his wife’s hand, he updated us on her condition.

He told us that she could no longer hear well.  She does not speak.  She is physically unable to walk on her own and has a difficult time eating or drinking anything.  He mentioned that at this stage, she is “much more easier to deal with”. Prior to this, he had to deadbolt the doors because she would walk outside on her own.  Now, she doesn’t even try to “get out of the house”.

Then he told us something I will never forget.

He said that EVERY morning when she wakes up, he sees the SPARKLE in her eyes, and for that brief moment he knows her spirit is still ALIVE.

It was agonizing to look upon this precious woman.  As I took in the facts, I felt conflicted.  I wanted to run away in anger. I wanted to scream out in pain.  I wanted to reach out and just hold that frail, trapped soul.

Then I recognized why I was there.  I was given the privilege of watching UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Our friend demonstrated that.  His watchful care.  His tender touch.  His loyalty.  His understanding.  His mercy.  His grace.  His Passion for His one and only love.  No matter her physical condition.

The church here in District 36 has Alzheimer’s.  We suffer from the same symptoms.  Not only do we sleep a lot…we don’t really hear Gods word.  We really don’t speak about what He has done for us.  We can’t really walk on our own.  Our diet consists of things that are easy to digest, stuff that is watered down, so it can be easily swallowed.

And you know what’s worse?  Our cities see us as something that is “easier to deal with”. Why? Because we NEVER try to “get out of the house”.

But Our One and Only has not given up on Us.

Jesus still sees the SPARKLE in our eyes, even if it’s a brief moment.  And HE wants to pour out his tender touch on us.

We have forgotten that HE is the ONE who PROPS us up.  He willingly takes our burdens.

We need Him to UNLOCK the deadbolts of our memory loss.

We need Him to UNPLUG our ears.

To open our mouths and SPEAK.

To Breathe life into our paralyzed bodies.

To help us walk.  And eventually RUN.

To help us eat bites of real food, and eventually DEVOUR a full course meal.

To help us “Get out of the house” and demonstrate UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to our cities.

HELP us Lord Jesus to REMEMBER, what YOU have done for us.

PRAY:  For revival: among Gods people, here in District 36, the state of California, and the nation.  Pray specifically for pastors and leaders to rise up and support this campaign in every way possible.  Pray for congregations to wake up and get out the vote for Craig.

PRAY:  For protection: as the opposition is already sending out negative attack ads attempting to destroy Craig.  Pray for these attempts to backfire and for Craig to have continued favor.

PRAY:  For resources: We are desperate for finances to fund this campaign.  We need people of all ages to walk neighborhoods, make phone calls and tell friends to vote.

Church, it’s starting to happen here. We are slowly rising out of our slumber. We are waking up.  We are seeing this happen now.  The Holy Spirit is moving.  We want you to be a part of it.  It is a rising tide of revival.  We want you to come ride it with us.

RESPONSE: I need your feedback.  How has God spoken to YOU through this campaign? If I can share your response, let me know. Email me:

ACTION:  Every Monday @ 7am we are having PRAYER @ the Campaign

Headquarters. Join us and come expecting God to move your heart.

YOU: Are Precious. And Propped Up.




Jun 01

Prayer Update – Dirty Laundry

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Hello everyone,

The race is on…again.  Thousands of Christians prayed, voted and brought about a miraculous victory.  Now we are facing a formidable foe.  

She has power, money and an army of support.  She is a giant in local politics, supported by big name politicians, and part of a very influential political family.  On the flip side, we are once again being cast as the underdog.  We have been described as a “nobody” who came out of nowhere.

Craig wanted me to tell everyone that on the surface they may be right, but when we look at the situation from the Lord’s perspective, we like the odds of the “nobody” coming out of nowhere. 

Through your prayers and the Lord’s help we will soon see an army of volunteers walking neighborhoods, making phone calls, and blanketing the south bay with yard signs.

Lord, may your army of nobodies shock and inspire our district and nation!

Director of Faith Based Coalitions


  • 400 Block/Precinct Captains
  • Increase the number of people praying for victory from 2,000 to 5,000.
  • Pray for an army of volunteers to walk the neighborhoods and make calls.
  • Pray that together we completely cover our South Bay with yard signs.
  • Increase in finances.
  • Wisdom for everyone involved with the campaign.
  • Pray that God’s love will be evident throughout all we do.

Dirty Laundry

Today I HAD to do laundry.  UGG!!   Every day we put on clothes, and most likely they end up getting dirty.  We throw them in the laundry basket and the clothes begin accumulate. It becomes one huge stinky, dirty, smelly pile.  Most people I know hate doing laundry.

It’s a pain. It never ends. And yet, we have to do it.

Tomorrow marks 40 days until Election Day in District 36.

And church, we NEED to do laundry. Our natural tendency is to PUT OFF doing laundry as long as possible.  Mostly we do laundry when it’s CONVENIENT.

Maybe you have allowed a pile of un-confessed sin to accumulate in your life.

Maybe you just continue to allow it to stack up. And that laundry basket of

guilt becomes heavy. It’s too heavy for you to even carry to the washing machine.

So you leave that basket in the dark corner of your lives.  Where no one can see it.

The only problem is… you know its there.  Because it smells.

So join US today. It may be INCONVENIENT, but we can’t afford to put it off any longer. Drag out that hidden laundry basket of un-confessed sin. Spill out all the contents of that basket before the throne of our Almighty God.

Confess it. Get rid of it.

And you know what? He will scoop up it up and lift that poured out basket of guilt.  He will carry it for you. He will take those filthy, dirty, smelly un-confessed sins and pour them into His Heavy Duty washing machine.

And He will pour out His powerful cleansing onto that smelly pile and you will become new, without a blemish, spot….not even a wrinkle.

He will forget and forgive what that smelly pile of dirty laundry was…forever.

Results? A FRAGRANT offering. To our Savior and Lord.  That’s what WE want

to be to District 36.  A FRESH representative of SERVANTHOOD.

Yes, it’s painful. Yes its continual. And yes we have to DO it.  Allow Him to make you fresh and clean.

Be the church.  Do YOUR dirty laundry today.

PRAY for:  revival within the church here in District 36, the state of California and the nation.

PRAY for: resources to come in, we are in desperate need for finances to fund this campaign.

PRAY for: favor from the media, regarding any press coverage.

PRAY for:  protection from deception lies or attacks from the opposition.

We KNOW that our LORD hears and answers the prayers of the righteous. We humbly thank you for pouring out your hearts on our behalf!